New In: ASOS

September 16, 2014

ASOS new in

Be still my beating heart is what I said to myself when I spotted that awesome graphic body con dress first on the list! I’m not that comfortable wearing a body con dress but that print is seriously making me reconsider!

You can never go wrong with checkered shirts and this print comes in a loose boxy dress too which I much prefer because I can hide my belly 😀

I have a little thing for florescent lingerie and I’m tickled lime green that this set is so affordable!

In the autumn I like to wear tights, boots and a dress, this grey one is perfect for that and paired with that “skater biker coat” (WHAT!?) I’m in love!

I really dig this floral design smart dress, perfect to wear somewhere I need to cover my tattoos and look like a conventional type but still being true to my graphic nature.

I’m not really one to wear dresses past my knees but I couldn’t take my eyes off this pretty number, maybe one day I’d wear something like this, or just shorten it.

I started this list with a banging dress and I’m going out with a bang with this edgy number. Love the lines, love the contrasting textures. Gimme.

I find ASOS a bit overprice for my personal taste but I would definitely get out the debit card for the checkered items, the underwear and that last dress, then I’d break out the credit card for that stunning coat! If you also love ASOS but have a skinny wallet, have a look at these voucher codes for ASOS to help you get that special item.

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  • Caroline September 17, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    If you dislike a pricetag on an item – I highly recommend the browser add on tool Covvet. You can run the slider along until it reaches the point that you like and Covvet will email you when said item hits that price. Given, there is the risk of losing out, but I don’t subscribe to FOMO at all so I for one am happy with said choice.

    P.S. – You can use this all over the web, and if a certain retailer isn’t used by them or if you hit an error, Miles is very responsive and quick to fix the issue.