New Look Autumn Must Haves

August 12, 2014

I ventured into a brick and mortar New Look store today and almost immediately left due to the amount of people in the store! I did a very quick look around and spotted a few pieces but after about 5mins I had to leave. I absolutely cannot stand sharing a store with a ton of people all pushing you out the way to look at the very same items you’re looking at. I think this is such rude behaviour, I mean, can’t you wait your turn? There is an entire store to look at, why must you push me out of the way to look at what I’m looking at? I just don’t understand people…

New Look Autumn Must Haves
New Look Autumn Must Haves by thedame

So, I came home, got into bed with my laptop on a tray I bought from Ikea and happily wiled away an hour with a cup of tea and the New Look website, grabbing items to Polyvore (click to find links to each item) to put a collection together of the things I will buy online. Some are sale items and some are new releases, but all belong in my cupboards!

I tried on the first three tops in this collection but the checkered/plaid shirt was not in my size so I will most definitely get this online as it was so soft and warm. It’s often hard to find these kinds of shirts in the fabric this one was made in but it’s an absolute staple to dress up some basics. I think it would look awesome over that grey sleeveless dress! The second jumper is 100% acrylic but feels like cashmere and has two zips at either hip, I loved the way this sat on my size 14 frame. I also really loved the purple jersey coat type thing.

Grey marl jumpers are a must in autumn winter and can be dressed up with a beautiful scarf or statement necklace. That red skirt screams sexy and would look awesome paired with a slouchy jumper.

I loved the simplicity of the elephant print strapless dress, it makes me think of safari’s and would go well with my tan wedges from New Look on a late summer evening.

The black sleeveless dress is cut in a way that suggests possible side-boob without actually showing any and I really like that! As for the Wednesday Adams-esque dress next in line, I have been hunting the perfect one of these dresses for months and months!

The crazy floral and leopard print top is just my kinda quirky, it could be worn with the leather skirt I picked out at H&M or with some high waisted trousers, whichever way, I’m into it!

 With most of the items from this New Look collection and my previous H&M collection, I think I’m pretty set for Autumn/Winter!

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