New York City Off The Beaten Path

February 25, 2011

I definitely need to visit NYC again.  5 days was just not enough time and Im not your typical tourist.  In fact I had no desire to go to all the usual New York tourist places like Times Square and The Statue of Liberty – I was more interested in seeing New York City off the beaten path!

New York City in February

New York City in February
(I probably wont visit Gotham City in February again!)

I did manage to visit three museums, my favourite being the MoMa.  It was fantastic to see the paintings I had learned about in Art Class in school.  I found the Guggenheim a waste of time, the staff were all grumpy (very unusual for New York in my experience!) and it was just boring.  The only thing I enjoyed about the Guggenheim was this amazing brownie I ate…

 I also made it to the American Museum of Natural History only to find out its simply HUGE and would take almost two days to see completely.  Since Ive already been to a similar museum in the past, it was kind of boring, that is, until one of the guards decided to take me on an impromptu personally escorted tour which made everyone look at me like I must be a celebrity!  He told me how his second job used to be a Michael Jackson impersonator and once he found out it had been my birthday the day before, he sand me happy birthday as Michael Jackson! So that museum ended up being fun 🙂

The highlight of my trip was meeting in person and spending quality time with the amazing, determined, sassy firecracker that is Jasmin of Vintage Vandalism! She took me to an ethnic restaurant and introduced me to fried plantains! OMG, yes please! 

I ended up staying a night at Jasmine’s instead of the hostel I had booked because Jasmine couldn’t bare the thought of me sleeping in a bunk bed! Haha! She invited me to an event somewhere downtown and it took me forever to find it in the freezing cold, thankfully we stopped and got bagels to warm up! You can’t visit New York City without sampling their bagels! 

I found Central Park very beautiful in the wintertime, 

I would have liked to have spent a lot more time in Brooklyn and art galleries.  I had a wonder around the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village and SoHo but I mustve missed the streets where all the cool things people say there is, were… However, we did come across a very cool and unusual hair salon called Tommy Guns.  You can read more about this awesome salon over at Vintage Vandalizm.

Tommy Guns Salon New York City

Tommy Guns Salon New York City

New York City Off The Beaten Path

Next time I visit (in the summer!), I will make sure I hit more bars and restaurants and explore Brooklyn.  I wanted to visit this cool 50s pinup style bar called Nurse Bettie as well as Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend’s bar St Jerome’s.

Another fabulous store I found in Williamsburg was Malin Landaeus, a vintage clothing store run by a lovely lady and her gorgeous daughter, Nova.  It was packed with beautiful hand picked items and delightful accessories, one of which was a miniature harmonica on a chain.  I got to have a lovely chat with Malin and her daughter and she told me that she also hosts Designer Archive viewings in her apartment above the shop by appointment.

My favourite thrift store in Williamsburg was a furniture one, of course! Uggly Luggage Vintage Furniture made myself and my camera very happy indeed! 

Here’s a short video of an installation at the MoMa, I couldve watched this all day!

And a video of a DuWop group called Acapella Soul singing at Union Square station. I was almost in tears when they finished!

Where have you visited in New York City that wasn’t the usual tourist trap? I love exploring cities to find the unique and unconventional away from the beaten path!

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