There Is No Such Thing As Being Too Much

November 11, 2014

To which I replied…

This really carries on from my video about suffering from “Not Good Enough-itis“. I think we all have times in our lives where we don’t do things because we think it may be off putting, or “too much”.

[Tweet “There is no such thing as being too much. Only too much for some people, but not all.”]

Many people think Lady Gaga is too much but millions love her. She IS too much and that is precisely why a lot of people love her but she is also incredibly talented and if it wasn’t for her “too much-ness”, no one would know she existed and she wouldn’t have changed the millions of lives that she has through her message.

I’m not saying that you should suddenly become an extravert (altho I’m willing to bet Gaga is an introvert or at least an ambivert) to get noticed in life and business, what I AM saying is that you rob the world of your unique talents when you think you are too much before you even put yourself out there.

No such thing as being too much

We each have a unique flavour and not everyone will love it, but not every one has to. Coca-cola is one of the biggest and most wide spread companies in the world, you can find their cans littered in some of the most remote places across the globe, but not everyone loves drinking coke.

You do you, as quirky and as individual as you are and there will be raving fans anywhere you go. Just spend some time on Youtube and you will find all kinds of people who are too much for you but that have a massive fan base.

You can never be too much for everyone, only for some, but you’re not living for some people are you? Only for those who’s lives you have a positive effect on.

Be you, as much or as little as you are, but put yourself out there. The world is waiting.

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