Paris In August

October 20, 2012


When I got back from my three month volunteer stint in South Africa, my mom, on a whim, asked me if I would like to go to Paris for a week since she had a week off and we hadnt seen each other in a long time and I also had never been to Paris before.  Of course I said yes, booked the train and an apartment through AirBnb and we were on our way!

The day before we left, a friend of mine that I used to live with when I was in Australia, and who had been traveling in Europe, posted on her Facebook that she was in Paris.  I couldnt believe it! What luck! So of course we arranged to meet up the night that we arrived in Paris.

We had SUCH a laugh!  The taxi dropped us off on a typical tourist road full of over priced restaurants and as we stood there blinking, across the road on the corner was a bustling bar with a cute waiter who beckoned flirtily to come inside.  Hours later and many strong cocktails down the hatch, we finally fell out of the closing bar… The bartender flirted with us shamelessly and I was soon to learn that the French are not shy when it comes to flirting!  Here is my friend and I with Mr Flirty Bartender.

The drinking was to continue the entire week.  My mother and I managed to put away quite a few bottles of French Rosé and boy did we EAT. I dont know how the French dont die at 20 from heart attacks given the kind of food they seem to eat.  Cheese and steak and heavy sauces and wine by the gallon. But oh my is it delicious!  My favourite place to eat was Chez Papa.  If you ever go to Paris, make sure you visit Chez Papa, the food was orgasmic!

I immediately fell in love with Paris.  It is an incredibly beautiful city.  I loved the grand buildings, the history, the wide streets and the chic residents.  It even smelled good!  We went in late August and it was still very hot and sunny.  We had planned to go to the Palace of Versailles and a bunch of museums but we didnt end up doing them mostly because of the crowds.  What we did a lot of however is walk.  And walk.  And WALK.  We were so exhausted by the third day I think we spent the day in bed just trying to recover!  

I absolutely LOVED how the Parisians planted wild flowers instead of rows of the same thing.  Much more my style!

After walking up the Eiffel Tower, we walked across Paris and I think did two walking tours in the same day.  No wonder we were so exhausted!

My mommy and I on the Eiffel Tower.

There is still so much of Paris I want to explore!

Paris CBD, it seems so strange to see tall city buildings in such a history-rich place.

I really loved the art deco style of the Trocadero.

I really cant wait to re-visit this gorgeous city.

The Moulin Rouge was underwhelming and on our walking tour we were told it is not somewhere that Parisians go themselves as it is simply a tourist attraction, but I liked the art work in the entry way.

We bought snacks and wine and sat on the grass and watched the sun go down and the Eiffel Tower light up and sparkle.  It was magical!

Then we found a carousel and of course had to take a ride!

I love this shot I took of this little girl on her own on the carousel holding for her teddy bear and seemingly deep in thought.

We went on three walking tours that we for free and given by young volunteers who live in the city.  They were all fun and very informative and we got to learn a lot about the districts we walked through.

I enjoyed finding random street art on the walks too!

A typical Parisian café altho this one is an expensive one, but I love the colour of it.

Notre Dame detail.

The Notre Dame.

Beautiful wild flowers again.

I was smitten by the lovely architecture in Paris!

Aren’t these just delightful!?

Squid whisks!

Totally cute lady umbrellas!

More artwork on buildings.

Lover’s locks.  This isn’t the famous lover’s lock bridge but they become so full over the summer that they use more than one bridge.  The city also has to cut them all off eventually as they become to heavy for the bridge!  I wonder if people suddenly break up when that happens…

Cloud over the Notre Dame.

Look at that ancient building! It’s like straight out of a fair tale!

Art Nouvea metropolitan sign.

Its a water fountain outside the Sacre Cour.

The stunningly beautiful Sacre Cour.

Really loved the beauty of this building!

The Champs Elysesse.

Interesting architecture juxtaposed with the old.

I really wanted to visit this museum but we ran out of time, so I have to go back!

I absolutely adored this beautiful fountain!

And there you have it, our trip to Paris in August, such a wonderful city and I cannot wait to visit again! xo

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