Resisting Meditation Isn’t Working Smart, It’s Working Hard

October 27, 2014

Meditation Works

I’ve been on this spiritual course for a couple years, the basis of it is working on cleansing the chakras through meditation. Up until I took the course I knew I needed to meditate but I just couldn’t seem to make it happen. I would try but my over active imagination would put a on right song and dance to distract me. I was just too wound up to sit quietly and think nothing. Which, incidentally, is the best time to sit down and be quiet!

All of that changed when the teacher of the course included a guided chakra cleanse meditation. This meant all I had to do was sit back, relax and listen to her voice telling me where to focus and what to do. That’s the easy part and actually having something to do in a meditation helped me focus, ironically.

What happened next is that I began to experience real resistance to sitting down to meditate. I would come up with every excuse in the book (and still do at times) that I was too busy or too tired to do the meditation. A lot of the time I would also drift off to sleep during the meditation and then feel frustrated that I didn’t get the benefits of meditating because I went to sleep instead!

The irony of it is, being too busy to meditate is a clear sign that the ONLY thing you should be doing is meditating FIRST. The deeper I go into understanding ourselves energetically, the more I am understanding that life is an inside job. Get yourself right on the inside and your life starts to come together. It’s like I’ve said about gratitude, when I forget to practice a constant attitude of gratitude, I find my life starts to fall apart. The same goes for meditating.

What is meditating?

Like many people who haven’t tried it, I also thought it was the process of sitting cross-legged and straight backed and stopping all thought. Well I can tell you one thing, you won’t get anywhere fast if you try to sit like this! It’s best just to sit comfortably somewhere, you can even lie down or stand up, whichever you prefer!

As for the thoughts, the point is not to think about nothing at all, that is nearly impossible. The trick is to take a step back and watch the thoughts come and go as if you were watching a silent film. To be unattached to the thoughts, to have no emotion about them, to simply acknowledge their presence and then let them pass. This by far is the greatest accomplishment in meditation and has absolutely turned my life around.

Meditation VS depression

For one, I no longer suffer depression. Yes, I believe that meditation cured my depression. The reason for this is, I realised that there were thoughts, which I called The Brat In My Brain, that would trigger a rapid downward spiral into depression for me. Meditating has helped me to practice unattachement to these thoughts and in so doing, I have been able to recognise which thoughts are the triggers and let them pass.

Doing a chakra cleanse meditation specifically has helped me to balance my energetic self and in turn I no longer react to situations the way I did in the past. This has freed me up to focus more on creating the life I want instead of feeling like a victim to circumstance. I was so caught up in my negative story, my disadvantages, etc, now, I have a better handle on things, I’m so much more capable, I handle life and I’m creating instead of crying.

Working smart, not hard

In the spiritual world there’s a lot of talk about our ego self, this part of us that basically wants what it wants even at the disadvantage of ourselves. I know, it can be hard to understand. Basically, meditating is a form of self care and from that self care comes change and this is something the ego doesn’t like. You see the ego’s program was put in place in our formative years, protecting us when we didn’t know better but as we evolve, it’s programming doesn’t change as easily so it still fights us on any new developments. Meditating is evolution so I experienced a lot of resistance. And my life stayed in turmoil. I stayed too busy to meditate, I stayed too tired to meditate, I stayed to annoyed, etc. That’s working hard. Not meditating made my life harder and the whole point on going on a spiritual course was to learn to make my life easier.

An inside job

Taking the time to meditate puts my inner world right. It balances me energetically, it cleans up the icky, stuck bits that got there through hardships and disappointments and heartbreaks and abuse. It’s very much like doing a disc clean on your computer. Once you do the disk clean, everything runs more smoothly. Making the time to meditate means my life runs more smoothly in an almost magical way. It actually takes the graft out of my life. Ideas come to me more easily, I don’t react as adversely to sticky situations, I’m more level headed and rational, I can be around toxic people without taking on their gunk, I can support my friends without feeling drained and I attract to me the very people that can help me to up level my life.

If you’re constantly stuck in life and tired of your same old story, consider meditation. The best way to get started is with guided meditations, I highly recommend Belinda Davidson’s Guided Chakra Cleanse Meditation as well as Jessica Mullen’s lovely Daily Meditation videos on Youtube. Or find your own, there is something out there for everyone.

If you would like to know what the chakras are and how they affect our lives, here’s a great explanation from the kid’s cartoon, Airbender!

Do you meditate? If so, how did you get into it and how has it helped your life?

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  • Virtuelle October 30, 2014 at 12:46 am

    Really helpful post – thank you! I’m a current SoMM student – this has been happening for me, self-sabotaging my meditation time this week with the idea that I don’t really need it today, or that I have too much to do … And I loved the Last Airbender clip (watched it twice!). Thanks again!