Rêve de Bohème – A Polyvore Set

January 8, 2012
Rêve de Bohème


Rêve de Bohème by thedame

£29 – amazon.co.uk

£97.67 – asos.com

£85 – amazon.co.uk

Charm jewelry
£8 – fashionunion.co.uk

OPI Got the Blues for Red
£5.06 – nailpolishdiva.com



Rêve de Bohème – Bohemian Dream.

Its late at night and I cant sleep so I decided to have a play around on Polyvore.  For inspiration I clipped items from my purchased wishlist on Amazon and added a few other bits that I liked.  I called it Rêve de Bohème because Im currently dreaming of living a fanciful bohemian life in Paris and the artist in the picture was French!

The champagne and the hand-blown champagne saucers were a gift and are so glamorous to drink from! Ive always wanted these 50s style champagne glasses! Now I have 12!

The perfume I found in a La Perla store in New York when I was lost and went in to ask directions, it’s currently my signature scent.

The background image is by one of my favourite French Art Deco artists, Tamara De Lempicka.  This print hangs above my bed, I have another one in our lounge.  I think you can tell a lot about a person by what type of art they like.  I personally cant stand Dali – way too weird for my tastes!  I think I like, sold, romantic and colourful.  Emotive.

The lampshade pulls my bedroom together nicely as I have wine red curtains and purple bedding – yes, my bedroom is purple and deep red! 😉

I just got the dress as a gift and haven’t yet worn it, but I think Im saving it for my birthday in February, its currently hanging on the outside of my cupboard looking pretty because Im in love with it’s deep red colour!

I more often than not wear red nail polish, and my favourite colour is O.P.I.’s Vodka and Caviar.

The watch was also a gift as a replacement for the Guess watch I thought I had lost.  This one is larger, more like a man sized watch but I love it although I only wear it when I leave the house.  I find I LOVE jewellery but I dont like actually wearing it.  Ive been through so many chains, bracelets and earrings because I have to take it off.  I currently have 10 gauge silver and diamond tunnels in my ears and thats about the only way I can constantly wear jewellery!

I really wanted those shoes but they were sold out on Amazon before I could get them.  I love that they make me think of the dancers in the “Roxanne” song in Moulin Rouge.

I dont know who the lingerie is from but I keep seeing it on Tumblr and it always makes my heart stop! I would feel just DIVINE wearing that under my dress!

You can follow me on Polyvore if you like although I don’t make a habit of spending time on there or I’d never get anything done!

Do you have a Polyvore?  Add your link in the comments below! xo

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