Sneaky Procrastination

November 12, 2014

what entrepreneurship is

As I mentioned this week, I have started on a more business minded path, I’ve decided to combine my health coach training and extensive life experience into a product I can offer to help change lives and earn a living doing something I enjoy.

Starting a business is a big leap in knowledge base and I’ve spent the past three weeks reading ebooks and attending webinars and talking endlessly in Facebook groups and signing up to newsletters with free resources attached.

Learning, learning, learning. Thinking I’m getting somewhere, that I’m building something, when in fact, I have been procrastinating.

Of course the learning is important, but you gotta know when you’re doing it to avoid actually putting your stuff out there.

I expressed my overwhelm in a Facebook group about all the options there are to put your knowledge online for sale and in the resulting conversation learned that what I really needed to do was get off line and go somewhere without wifi and just brainstorm with a notepad. Write out everything I know, my story, the people I want to help and work with, everything, then actually come home and create a product out of that.

Actually do it.

Actually upload it.

Actually put a price on it.

Actually promote it.

It’s scary shit. Will people want what I have to offer? Will it help as much as I want it to? Am I good enough?

This is what it means to be an entrepreneur. And I’m not the first, or the last one, out there. It’s been done before, it’s being done right now. We are all customers of entrepreneurs. It can be done. Everything is figure-out-able and I’m no dummy.

I’ve written the drafts to a couple things that I believe will help at least some people. I’ve started somewhere and it’s coming soon for you to try and for me to grow from. I can see my big picture as clear as day but it’s up to me to actually put it into action.

I’m never going to drive that Audi A1 by endlessly learning and never actually doing.

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