Street Art: Pichi And Avo

May 17, 2015

hairless cat graffiti pichi avo

If ever there were a time to say “I can’t even…”, this would be it because that’s how I felt when my eyes clapped on these incredible street art pieces by Spanish duo Pichi and Avo.

The marriage of renaissance studies with bold, bright colours and the energy and vibrancy of graffiti has me all in a tizz! I feel a burning NEED to have entire walls of my future dream home painted with their art work, a garden wall and perhaps a bedroom wall, so that wherever I am relaxing, I can just get lost in the beauty of the piece.

Like a true American teenager I am “literally obsessed!”.

Pichi and Avo

Pichi Avo Art on Wood Pichi Avo Art on Wood Pichi Avo Art on Wood

The above three pieces are on wood, so thankfully, you can acquire their art without it being a mural, altho I think art like this deserves a huge canvas like the wall of a building.

Next time I’m traveling in Spain I’m going to keep an eye out for their art, I would love to see it up close and personal!

2012Graffiti-7A 2012Graffiti-5A

Pichi Avo

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