From Stuck to Self-Made

November 5, 2014

So, I’m doing a thing…

…and I hope you’ve got my back because I’ve got yours. This thing that I’m doing feels like purpose, I feel like I have a point now. Not just blogging about art and tattoos and style and fashion and travel and a bit of personal development/life advice. I’ve got a business in mind, a goal, a reason for getting out of bed that actually excites me more than anything.


From blogging to business, sort of…

I recently graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach. This means I’m qualified to coach people in making better decisions with their lives as a whole, not just with their nutrition. I like to call it Holistic Life Design. I love helping people. I love showing you your gifts and your abilities and encouraging you to go forward in a direction that feels good.

Honestly, I got a bit bored of lifestyle blogging. It feels like everyone is talking inanely about stuff that doesn’t really matter and I wasn’t really feeling the sponsored posts from brands just to make a buck. I always knew I wanted to create a business out of my unique talents, skills and abilities, do work I truly enjoy and that helps people in some way.

This doesn’t mean that I will stop blogging and only be selling stuff, on the contrary! I will continue blogging, focusing on my journey going from lost and confused to building a career and a life I love and that’s also on my own terms, while also developing and launching ebooks and ecourses that help you to go from being stuck in life to creating a life you love.

If you’ve loved my life advice blogs, you’re going to be seeing more of those, I’ll also be featuring more Self Made Dame‘s and talking about my own personal journey in becoming self-made.

In our current economic climate and the way the job market has gone, I really believe that entrepreneurship is the way forward. We can no longer rely on getting employed, least of all enjoying the jobs we’re employed to do and I certainly believe that life is better when you actually enjoy what you do given that you spend 90% of your time at work!

Granted, entrepreneurship isn’t for every one and that’s ok. I want to encourage and work with people who want to design a life they love, taking into count the whole picture.

I do hope you will join me on this exciting adventure and become inspired a long the way too.

Have you enjoyed my personal growth posts? Have they helped you in anyway? Also, what do you feel you need help with? Please let me know in the comments!

Much love

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