Summer in North Cornwall

August 13, 2014

Summer may not be quite over yet so I’m hoping I still get a chance to explore even more of the beautiful North Cornwall coastline, what I’ve experienced so far in just June and July has been magical and breathtaking!

There are still plenty of activities I want to take part in such as SUPing and Coasteering, possibly even snorkelling if the weather clears up again and many miles of coastline to ramble along and marvel at.

IMG_5736 IMG_5644 IMG_5645

Beautiful Tolcarne Beach looking at Newquay Harbour.

IMG_5650 IMG_5627

Fistral Beach on a calm day.

IMG_5376 IMG_5382

I’ve not yet been to the new Stable cider and pizza restaurant but look out for a review on the blog soon!




A sweet mare at Reen Manor Stables.

IMG_5977 IMG_5974

I stumbled upon St Agnes when I went for an exploratory drive the other day, definitely need to pay another visit to this sweet little English coastal town.

IMG_5981 IMG_5984 IMG_5983 IMG_5979 IMG_5976 IMG_5970 IMG_5972 IMG_5396

I arrived at the summer solstice and we made a journey into the woods, over the Gannel River to build a fire and welcome in the new season. I made a video about this day and it’s my favourite video that I’ve made so far!)

IMG_5395 IMG_5397 IMG_5398 IMG_5487

On the way, we foraged some Samphire…


And became well and truly one with nature!

IMG_5418 IMG_5438 IMG_5451 IMG_5458

A handmade fire by our resident bushcraft lady, Lorna.

IMG_5467 IMG_5464

Delicious pasta with foraged Samphire!


Alfie, the most beautiful and intelligent dog in Cornwall, we think!

IMG_5482 IMG_5475 IMG_5507

I went on an impromptu hike along the cliffs at Holywell Bay, watch the video here.

IMG_5545 IMG_5521 IMG_5527 IMG_5542 IMG_5522 IMG_5535 IMG_5532 IMG_5729 IMG_5732

Probably one of my favourite views is coming up the golf course path onto Fistral Beach.

IMG_5706 IMG_5717 IMG_5712 IMG_5700IMG_5724 IMG_5693 IMG_5682 IMG_5701 IMG_5710 IMG_5713 IMG_5673

My cat Marley enjoys the view from my bedroom window at my friend’s house as much as I do!

IMG_5674 IMG_5755

Every night is a new display from nature and always truly epic. I feel blessed when I’m in Cornwall and I can’t wait to discover even more of this beautiful slice of South West England.

Have you ever been to Cornwall? Where do you suggest I go? Comment below and let me know!

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