Summer Solstice 2014

June 22, 2014

This is my favourite video yet. It’s a montage of the first two days of my move back to Cornwall over the summer solstice, showing off the beautiful coastal nature here and I just really enjoyed editing it. Please like it on Youtube and subscribe for more videos each week!

One of my closest friends is your very stereotypical barefooted hairy arm pitted hippy. She invited me to join her on a trip into the woods to celebrate the summer solstice last night. She has been studying bush craft for the past year or so and that is something I would also like to study, so of course I agreed as I love to be in nature.

Another girlfriend of ours joined us and I thought how wonderful that three women are going into the woods to be with nature on this special night. We three walked barefoot, collected fire wood on the way and over the river that goes into the sea, foraging samphire on the way and getting very muddy. Once we got to our fire spot in the woods, we had to climb a very high, very steep cliff to forage for more wood. I forgot what stinging nettles looked like so lost the fight 17-0 with them…

Lorna then showed us how to make fire using a piece of wood, a shell and her bow saw. It was marvellous! She then made us a delicious pasta and pesto with the foraged samphire (like juicy little packets of salt). Btw, I LOVE foraging!

We ate and drank wine and had a beautiful conversation about healing and then I suggested we write down on a piece of paper all of the things we want to let go of and burn those too.

On our way out of the woods, Lorna introduced us to a pair of tawny owl babies who were talking to each other, they were about a foot tall and fluffy brown things and it was such a joy to creep silently through the woods to listen to them.

I have felt so light and joyful today and well, since I moved back to Cornwall, just being with my friends again and out in nature has done wonders for my spirit! 


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