Take Time Off The Hustle

December 11, 2014


When you’re building your own business you are under a lot of pressure while simultaneously on a sharp learning curve. It can take a lot out of you. If you’re like me, you’re spending days watching webinars, reading blog posts and opt-ins from people you want to learn from, taking courses, brainstorming with your notebook or your coach, writing new content, creating new products – the list is endless.

There are days when I wake up and I can’t even look at my emails or log in to Facebook. I recognise it as information overload and I now know, it’s a day I need to take off and spend some time just with myself and not with my work. Incidentally, these are often the days I get my best ideas and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve given my brain a chance to say something instead of being spoken at non stop.

My self care days are usually made up of:

  • sleeping as much as I need to
  • not cooking for myself if I don’t want to
  • EFT tapping out my frustrations, disappointments and low feelings
  • taking a long soak in a hot bath full of epsom salts and magikal oils (van van oil is a great lift-me-upper!)
  • reading an inspiring book
  • calling a friend
  • going for a walk in nature
  • sitting in a coffee shop listening to music that makes me feel good or just people chattering all around me
  • going into clothing stores and trying on all the things
  • washing the dishes and cleaning the house
  • meditating on my chakra points until I feel my vibration lift
  • yoga to stretch myself out and release stuck energy
  • going through my clothes and the house and throwing away anything broken as well as taking to charity anything I no longer want

Honestly, sometimes I take two self-care days in a row, especially if I have been doing a lot of healing work, which I have been lately, uprooting old negative beliefs and patterns is intense work and can leave you feeling like you’ve climbed a mountain and tumbled all the way down.

The important thing is to recognise when you need to give yourself a break. This is something I am learning as I build my business and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to do this. We can get so caught up in trying to get our businesses up and running and learning everything we need to know as fast as possible that it can be full steam ahead and then we suddenly hit a wall and are in danger of jacking it all in because we feel like we can’t cope.

You can cope. You can do this. Being your own boss is really hard, but it’s also really rewarding and the beauty of working on your own time at your own pace is that you can give yourself space to breathe whenever you need it without feeling guilty.

Time off from the hustle is just as important as the hustle. 

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