Tattoo Artist: Ian Parkin

January 11, 2013

In the weeks running up to the Brighton Tattoo Convention, I am showcasing some of the artists who will be attending.  90% of the people I follow on Instagram are tattoo artists and Instagram is the first thing I look at in the mornings before I get out of bed, so I get super inspired and motivated to make the money I need to get tattooed and that first bunch of cash is going to go to the incredible neo trad tattoo artist, Ian Parkin.

I am not a fan of traditional tattoos.  I don’t like the thick black lines and simplistic ideas.  I am however, completely in love with Ian’s beautiful ladies.  Being a big fan of the 40’s and 50’s pinups makes me an immediate fan of his.

I intend this year to have Ian tattoo his likeness of Mae West and Greta Garbo on me so here are a selection of his beautiful ladies.

Ian has two tattoo sketchbooks available from  His work makes me swoon!  I’ve printed out some of my favourite ladies to decorate my vision wall in my bedroom which is opposite my bed, so when I’m day dreaming, I’m staring right at the very dreams I will make reality 🙂

You can find Ian on Instagram and at Facebook.  He is well worth the travel up to Newcastle where his shop, Inkslingers, resides.  I will be paying my visit sometime this year to have him tattoo his likeness of Mae West and Greta Garbo on my arm and I can’t freakin’ wait!

See my post on the Brighton Tattoo Convention and the tattoo he did for me! 

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