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March 5, 2015

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Do you have any idea what a freedom based lifestyle is? It’s a pretty new concept in the grand scheme of things. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of lifestyle design although that too is a relatively new concept.

The premise is that you work for yourself, from anywhere you like. The dream is to live like a Queen in Thailand paying next to nothing for an awesome air conditioned and professionally cleaned apartment while working from your laptop on the beach.

While this is totally possible, especially since internet in Thailand is pretty great, it’s not the dream for everyone. I mean, what does freedom mean to you?

To me, freedom means never worrying about how the bills are going to be paid, always being able to afford any random expense that crops up like putting new tyres on the car or getting new glasses because your prescription changed. It means living in a lovely home where I am not constantly being disturbed by noisy neighbours. Being able to travel as often as I like and get tattooed by some of the best artists around, not to mention having my high maintenance hair professionally maintained at a salon every two weeks.

A freedom based lifestyle to me means I am my own boss and I can work from a coffee shop any time I please. I can set my own hours and only work 4 hours a day, 3 days a week while making a comfortable income.

This is what it means to be a modern entrepreneur these days. I know of one lady who travels the world with her young son while also earning a tidy six figure income as a business coach. I know of quite a few coaches who are location independent. And why not?

Any of us can design our own lives. The debt you’re in, the obligations you have, they were all choices but the beauty of choice is you can make new ones, with a bit of planning you can choose to live a different life, one more in line with what makes life worth living for you, one that allows you to be as authentic and unconventional as you want to be.

It takes a bit of bravery and a whole lot of hard work. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It’s not easy going it alone, earning your own income and keeping at it every day until you’ve made it.

I have days where I’m overwhelmed by anxiety, where I suddenly just feel so exhausted and almost like I want to give up, but I will never, never, never give up. Living life on my own terms is too important to me and no matter how hard it is some days, the reward of being my own boss trumps it all.

I wake up naturally, no alarms for me! I decide when I will coach my clients and on what days. I have time to go to the gym in the middle of the day when the gym is empty and sit in a coffee shop with just my notebook to brainstorm new ideas anytime I please. I get to shop in town during the week when everyone else is at work and avoid the crowded Saturday shoppers. If I need a mental health day or two, I can give myself that, I can completely switch off from my business whenever I need to so that I can come back to it newly inspired and energised. What boss will give you that??

That’s freedom.

Granted, when I’m not coaching, I’m working on my websites, writing new material, and marketing and networking in Facebook groups and on social media – and between all of that, I am usually listening to a webinar or taking part in some sort of business and sales training. Running a business on your own is a sharp learning curve.

Some days it feels like I am working 12 hour days, but I wouldn’t ever give it up to have a boss and doing what they want and working to make their dream a reality. I will never rely on someone else to decide how much I am worth and then try to get a raise once a year, not to mention waking up early and spending half my day commuting! I know how much I am worth and the more I learn, grow and improve, the more value I can bring my clients, the more I can charge for the value I bring.

That’s freedom.

What does a freedom based lifestyle look like to you?

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