The Rookie Mistake We Make When Starting A Business

March 3, 2015


The first thing you will discover when starting a business is the sharp learning curve you will endure from day 1. Launching and becoming a successful business when you’ve been employed most of your life will be so important to you that you will enrol in many courses, attend all the webinars, join all the mailing lists to get those valuable free gifts and hire the business, branding and marketing coaches to help you navigate your way through everything.

That sounds great, so why is it a rookie mistake?

Because you will become overwhelmed and lose site of who you are and what you actually want to be doing.

You’ll be told so many “shoulds” and rules of business, branding and marketing that you will forget why you even began.

It is imperative that you never forget your why of going into business for yourself. It is imperative that you listen to your intuition and to do that means switching off the noise and spending time with yourself and your notebook.

My favourite thing to do to give myself some headspace is take my notebook on a date to a coffee shop and just “brain dump”. I write out everything that comes to mind and always go home newly inspired and much more clear on what I’m trying to do.

It’s so easy to get lost in the wealth of information out there with everyone giving value in order to make you their client but among that noise, you also need to listen to the sound of your own inner voice and follow what feels good. If it’s feeling stressful, it’s not what you should be doing. Focus on what feels right and do that. Take one step at a time and try as much as you can to focus on one thing at a time.

Start with your why, make a pretty graphic out of it, stick it up above your computer or make it your wallpaper and refer to it often. Stay true to your driving force, take on board the business advice and mould it to suit your aim.

My why is my absolute belief in authenticity and autonomy. I want women to step into their power, to choose themselves, to believe they are worthy of living a life true to them and on their own terms and to have the confidence to do so, to be their own boss, to have a rewarding relationship, to delete negative people, to give themselves whatever they need and want.

If you try to do everything the way you’ve been told to do it, you can easily lose site of your essence and your unique brand. When you start out in business you will learn a lot very fast, but instead of changing to fit the mould, change the mould to fit you.

For the renegade, misfit, maverick business woman, rules are simply guidelines.  

Your unique and authentic self is your brand and what differentiates you, never lose sight of it.

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