The Secret Garden Party 2011

October 25, 2011

Somewhere in the middle of England, a (not so) secret garden party takes place around a beautiful lake, over hills, in valleys and under trees…

The Secret Garden Party started in someone’s back garden and slowly grew over the past 10 years into the fantastic festival it is today, attracting all kinds of crazy and quirky kin.

It was my first visit this year and I was absolutely amazed at what I saw and experienced.  As a seasoned festival goer, I thought I had seen it all (although Ive never attended Glastonbury!).

What I loved about SGP was the theatrics and level of creativity.  I have never been to a festival with just so much going on.  It wasnt just a bunch of tents with different musicians and Dj’s.  It was that plus a whole lot more.  There were burlesque and circus and cabaret performances, in, out and between tents.  There was magnificent food, there were art installations in the trees (one of which one of my best friends created), there was a roller disco, a medieval pub, a shisha tea room, many tea rooms in fact, a market full of the most amazing crafts and clothes and just about everyone was in fancy dress for the entire weekend.

Each year they have some sort of sculpture that is erected in the centre of the lake which doubles as a dancefloor and which they burn on the last night after a magnificent fireworks show.  I was completely blow away by the level of production involved from everyone who attended.  It really was a fantastical experience!

Take a look at some of my shots from this fantastic weekend during the summer.

[nggallery id=1]

Did you attend SGP?  What did you think of it?  Will you go again?

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