The Things That Rocked My World This Week!

April 27, 2011
  • Waking up to my sunflower seeds arriving into the world!
  • Watching these little guys grow!

  • Meeting a wonderful, fun guy
  • Dress rehearsal for our burlesque show tomorrow going really well!
  • Pretty much everyone I know in this town coming to see the show!
  • Being waited on hand and foot!
  • Sorting out my finances!
  • Full body massages and endless tickles
  • Beautiful blue eyes surrounded by long eyelashes
  • Perfectly formed kissable lips
  • South Africa!
  • Stand up comedians at 4am keeping us in stitches!
  • Opening the door to his beautiful face
  • Catching him watching me sleeping…
  • Being cooked for!
  • Receiving a Rik Lee print!

  • Glueing rhinestones to my corset for the show
  • Turning a BB gun into a Jane Bond golden rhinestone studded gun!
  • Waking up to The Boy and the cat boyfriend sleeping back to back, snoring in tandem
  • Red grapes!
  • Being able to do a few half pull ups and watching my biceps grow!
  • White chocolate from Europe…
  • A new bikini!

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  • I love all of this! and being cooked for? yes please, always.

  • Pip

    how exciting that you’ve met someone!! hope he realises how lucky he is x

  • Thank you! And yes he does! 😀

  • Oh my gosh! Last night he made THE most DELICIOUS honey roast chicken wraps, with halloumi cheese, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes…. Orgasm in my mouth! 😀