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June 9, 2013

Hi there! So this week has been super sunny round my neck of the woods and because the weather in England changes like an incontinent granny, I took advantage of it and took my bike on some adventures where we found a huge park just 15 minutes from my place, so I I’ve been spending my time there, check out my first Vine video I did while soaking up some much needed Vitamin D!

The next morning I was woken up by this cuddle bud, aren’t I just the luckiest cat mom in the world?

I’ve been taking it easy, meditating, doing some personal development, and recalibrating. I will be tweeking bits and pieces of this website and launching new things in the coming weeks that I am really excited about, so to those who have stuck with me this long, thank you very much. I am ever evolving.

So, to the good stuff!

  • The music of trees: This is profound! Someone invented a record player that can read the lines in slices of tree trunk and play it as music.
  • I LOVE Sarah’s list of awesome things to do this summer, so creative and inventive, and fun!
  • Got Spotify and need a fresh playlist? Check out sexy Rosie from The‘s Summer ’13 list.
  • Tired of not being able to move your music between your various or new iPhone’s, iPad’s, computers? Xilisoft lets you do it easily for less than £20.
  • Don’t have Photoshop and need an easy, creative and fun photo editor and collage maker? Pic Monkey is your friend.
  • Since I can hear every sound from my neighbour’s apartment below me, I’ve taken to listening to long mixes on Youtube of relaxing music. I’ve found two awesome mixes (Part 1 and Part 2) which I listen to on repeat so here are my Youtube hacks:

1. Magic Actions for Youtube Chrome plugin, let’s you use Youtube the way you want to use it.
2. Listen To Youtube, lets you download audio from Youtube videos as .mp3’s which you can then put onto your phone or iPod.

  • How stress is literally killing you and how you can prevent disease from developing.
  • Cancer reversing power juice. If you haven’t started juicing or blending veg and fruit yet, watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and be inspired.
  • Sixteen (unexpected) steps to Happiness.
  • Do you yearn to develop your psychic and intuitive gifts, and discover your life’s purpose? Belinda Davidson is an intuitive healer who I admire and who has started the School of The Modern Mystic to help us realise our psychic abilities.
  • I’ve been enjoying some of the interviews at the Hay House Summit and learning some great personal development tools, one which I feel is really making a difference for me and which I will talk about in it’s own post soon. Noah St John invented a twist in the usual affirmations method which I feel works so much better than repeating affirmations.

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