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March 31, 2015

Top-Travel-VloggersI really wish I knew about travel vlogging back when I was traveling, I had many awesome adventures and while I did attempt a travel blog back then (now defunct), filming my adventures would have been so much more fun. This is the closest I got

I mean, I’ve volunteered in Australia on an organic vineyard where we also grew our own food. Volunteered at a gibbon rehabilitation project in Thailand. Volunteered on a guest farm in South Africa where I got to ride horses every day and take care of a number of animals. Twice. Spent a week wandering the streets of Paris with my mom. Lived in Australia for 2 years. Paid a visit to Barcelona with one of my best friends and Madrid with my mom. Went couch surfing in New York for my birthday. Not to mention all the festivals I’ve attended. Way way back I was even booked to DJ in Austria! But back then blogging wasn’t really a thing, let alone vlogging!

My dream is to one day be able to afford to travel again and this time actually vlog it and then build an audience to a large enough size that someone decides to sponsor my travel like the following travel vloggers…

Mr Ben Brown

I actually found Ben via Louis’ vlogs and I have to say I never go a day without watching his daily travel vlogs. Not only does he look like a younger Ewan McGregor, he is just a really lovely chap who’s positive energy brightens your day. Ex-champion kayak racer, now travel vlogger, filmographer and photographer, he is currently based in Cape Town and living with a rather successful South African musician called Jeremy Loops. He also has lovely friends both in Cape Town and the UK, a fantastically wonderful girlfriend and they all get together to go hiking, surfing, biking and road tripping. Basically, Ben lives my ideal life. Fun friends and fun activities all over the world, with an audience. I want in.

On top of his daily travel vlogs, he is an incredible photographer and filmographer, the likes of which you can see in his Visual Vibes videos.

The following video is the most epic video he shot so far, in my opinion 😀


Louis is a very tall, dreadlocked British guy who started out with a Youtube channel where he ate unusual things until he got into trouble for eating a mouse or something and so he stopped doing that and started vlogging daily while traveling. He passed the 1 million subscriber mark a few months ago and practically never stops traveling. Where Ben hangs out in Cape Town or the UK for a few weeks to a few months, Louis is always on the trot and has some very cool friends like the next two in this list. Louis often has very cool music playing in the background of his videos and is close friends with a South African couple who also travel and with whom he stays or meets up with around the world.

Raya Was Here

Raya is Louis’ gorgeous friend from NYC who recently started her channel and travel vlogging after we she spent some time traveling with Louis. I love that there is another woman doing travel vlogging! Hopefully one day I can get in on it too. Raya has a sweet nature about her and also films some great life advice videos, so, a girl after my own heart.

Steve Booker

Steve is a men’s fashion blogger and Youtuber who is also friends with Ben and Louis and the three of them often travel together. Steve has a lovely personality and has really grown on me. He also has the most gorgeous new puppy.

Hey Nadine

The only other female travel vlogger that I know of (or perhaps that I like), but she doesn’t post daily or all that often unfortunately, but I do like her presenting style and her informative travel videos. I wish she would post more often.

Dan The Director

Dan has only just started his Youtube channel and he doesn’t really do travel vlogging as such, but he does short films every Wednesday called Hump of Happiness and I just fall a little bit more in love with him every Wednesday! He is just the loveliest South African that gives me such home pride, super talented and handsome to boot. Big fan.

Personally, I would absolutely love to be sponsored to share the world with an audience. I would have to get used to holding a camera up to my face and talking to it in public I’m sure, but I would really love to explore filmography and the world so much more. If I had the funds to pursue this, I absolutely would be on it, yesterday.

Here’s my first attempt at “visual vibes” style travel videos that I shot last summer 2014 when I was spent the summer down in Cornwall.

Do you know of any other travel vloggers you think I will like? Let us know in the comments! 😀

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  • Raya Was Here April 10, 2015 at 6:52 am

    Thank you so much for the kind words! Love your blog – and you’re a life coach? It’s kind of the dream job isn’t it, I’d love to do that! Hope you do more travel vlogs – the ‘visual vibes’ style ones are great! xx -Raya

    • The Dame Intl April 10, 2015 at 11:56 am

      Hey Raya, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have you thought about teaching others how to travel like you do? I can’t wait to do more ‘visual vibes’ style videos when I get the chance 😀