Unusual Jewellery: Sinners and Saviours

November 19, 2013

Here at The Dame International I am always on the look out for the unusual and unconventional so when I discovered jewellery maker Saints and Sinners I was dully satisfied. And astounded, just take a look…

metal bird skull necklace392579_565441286809703_2073203964_n

These earrings are for stretched ears! The joy!

401899_585986088088556_376285104_n 419001_590296760990822_998481003_n 555497_615080141845817_1273984794_n 562814_639214779432353_1834941415_n 577604_576440362376462_624018889_n 580543_614072961946535_93516956_n 823364_645841105436387_299951399_o 944739_591931810827317_1073064529_n 945432_591530784200753_72585296_n 970169_616491928371305_1049546200_n 988289_587015697985595_1425483090_n 993308_607095965977568_1093908419_n 1000346_638798779473953_851949015_n 1001004_607248435962321_1197486656_n 1002179_625970467423451_1330557556_n 1005874_593423707344794_1030612946_n 1010323_610834002270431_1567999034_n 1044173_604821129538385_379538892_n

Raccoon penis bone earrings.

1185819_624047974282367_1991391119_n 1271220_644698218884009_369804764_o 1274430_646686138685217_1293581915_o 1275856_645841592103005_1590765592_o 1374267_654133771273787_187852175_n 1378656_648530008500830_829914254_n 1380223_652669048086926_1852821440_n 1381404_658721774148320_1035685505_n

Actual vintage body bag tags made into bracelets.

1392558_647572078596623_1725160558_n 1393902_652850801402084_765425124_n

Steampunk bracelet.


I am in love with everything but especially the plug/tunnel jewellery because I miss wearing dangly earrings and hooking them underneath the plug sometimes doesn’t work or they don’t sit right, having the earring attached to the tunnel is a game changer! So I would say, if you’re looking for that unusual gift for that special friend who would adore something so weird and wonderful, you are spoiled for choice!

Saints and Sinners

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  • Hannah November 20, 2013 at 8:03 am

    Awesome pieces!! i Think the design name is Sinners & Saviours thou.. Ive been following that lade on IG for a while now, and she Always amaze me =P