Wanderlust Window Shopping

August 19, 2014

I’ve got itchy feet and my bum is flabby from too much sitting around and not enough adventuring. I need to travel, and soon or I’m not sure what sort of twitch I will develop. Last year I went to Madrid with my mom and then Barcelona with a friend before heading off to South Africa in November. I’ve not been anywhere since I got back in February! I can’t believe it’s been two years since I spent a glorious drunkan walking tour week in Paris with my mom!

Unfortunately, this year has not been the best financially, so I am stuck wanderlust window shopping for now. Here is a list of the places I need to experience before my time is over.

Costa Rica

I have this fantasy of jetting off to the coast of Costa Rica to take up longboard surfing in between bouts of yoga and eating peppered with trips into the jungle. Forever.


I have an obsession with Japanese culture and style. I love their preciseness, their politeness, their quirkiness. I would love, LOVE a trip to Japan to see both the modern and the ancestral Japan. At least a month will do, thanks.


From San Diego to LA, to Vegas and Big Sur, I want to experience it all! I am fascinated with the Californian surf culture, the creative and unique style of Los Angeles, I have friends in Vegas and I would love to get out into nature there.

Yosemite National Park / Yellowstone National Park

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to go to the great outdoors of North America. I am fascinated by the mountains and fir trees and lakes and wildlife, I’m pretty sure I was obsessed with a nature show that was set in these lands when I was little.


Again, the surf culture and laid back island style is a big draw for me. I want to really see, in person, people living in gorgeous surf shacks on the beach. I want to see Pipeline in all it’s glory, up close and personal. I want to learn about Hawaiian culture and marvel at the beauty of people who live an island life.

New Zealand

When I lived in Australia, I met a lot of Kiwis and I’ve liked every one of them. A little more laid back than the Aussies, I get on with them well. But more than the people, New Zealand has nature that I am desperate to take in. Beaches and landscapes and mountains and lakes, I want it all!

Other places I’d like to see but not as important…

  • Scandinavia
  • Mediterranean
  • Canada
  • South America
  • Ireland
  • Italy (I’ve been to Florence, would love to see Tuscany)
  • Holland (I’ve been to Amsterdam three times and would like to see the rest)
  • Spain (I’ve been to Ibiza, would like to experience the rest)
  • France (I’ve been to Paris, loved it, would like to see more of France)
  • New York (I’ve been there, in February, it was too cold, would love to go again in the summertime and explore more).
  • New Orleans
  • Madrid, (again, I loved it).
  • Thailand, (again, you can’t beat the snorkelling, inexpensive high quality hotels, amazing food and beach massages!!)
  • Australia, but I just want to immigrate there please and thank you.

Where are your top five travel destinations?

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  • Elisa B August 20, 2014 at 8:33 am

    I’m so with you on this! If you decide to go to North America, I’m coming with you. I love those landscapes! That side of the world definitely has an “ancient” magic! I’d love to visit California, too. In fact I’ve never traveled outside of Europe so I’d love to go to the US (Los Angeles first, and those magical areas you mentioned), Australia, and Hawaii, too. I want to learn the language, it sounds so cute! But those travels requires a lot of planning and funds! I’d love to visit Spain which way more realistic for me since I live in Italy and I could drive there XD I’d love to visit Ireland and Scotland and I’d love to go to the Canary Island. I am currently interested in beautiful “natural” places and landscapes because I visited too many “European” cities like London, Berlin, Vienna, Prague etc so I’d love to see something different!