Wax, Watergate Bay, Cornwall

March 28, 2017

On the first sunny day in a year, I hopped in my car, cranked the speakers to max and hit the pedal. I had no idea where I was going, I just know I love to go for long drives along the country roads here in Cornwall while my music smashes my eardrums and if the sun is shining it’s even better! It’s like therapy I swear! 

On my way home I drove into Watergate Bay and remembered that I’d heard about a new place to eat and drink called Wax so I parked in the expensive parking lot across the road and headed on over.

I had no idea the main area was upstairs so I was a little confused when I walked in and saw a bar and a couple local guys playing on the ping pong table in the centre. I assumed one of them was the bar tender just playing ping pong while it was quiet but he informed me that the actual restaurant was upstairs.

I guess downstairs is like over flow. It has a large outdoor decking area which is perfect for hot sunny evenings overlooking Watergate Bay.

Upstairs I was greeted by friendly staff and a beautifully designed interior, but it was the outside that attracted me.

In the hotter summer months this place will be perfect to sip a few beers, ciders and cocktails as the sun sets over the bay. Wax is quite large and can feed and water a fair amount of people with an extensive bar and menu.

I went for a veggie burger I had never had before; butternut squash, goats cheese and beetroot that came in a patty topped with lightly friend onions and red pepper on a brioche bun and a basket of fries.

It was truly delicious! I really liked the combination of flavours and I loooove brioche buns.

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