This Week On The Web

January 12, 2014


  • Now THIS is the ultimate online women’s magazine. Their Tumblr is to die for also!
  • If you haven’t yet discovered Deliciously Ella and her incredibly healthy recipes, here is an awesome collection to get you started.
  • Anna Swiczeniuk aka Anna Krohnistic is a DJ and amazing photographer who does her own make up and styling and is a wonder to look at!
  • Vit D fights diabetes depression.
  • Do you like to have your tarot read? Marybeth read mine back in June and now she has added a host of other tools to her readings making them even more worthwhile. She will read your cards around a new moon and create a beautifully written PDF for you to keep and work with.
  • Need some spiritual books to start this year off right? Belinda Davidson lists her top 10 spiritual books.
  • Fathima has put together an awesome collection of day planners that will keep you inspired all year.
  • How to make your art look nice.

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