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October 5, 2014

Likers Gonna LikeThis week I moved away from the coast and my friends back to nearby London for business purposes. A little old man also stopped by me in the grocery store to tell me he likes my turquoise hair and that I’m non conformist. He said it brightens up the day and gave me a thumbs up! Rad!

  • Gala tells us how to pimp our Instagram game. Also really loving some of her radical self love iPhone wallpapers 🙂
  • If you’re in London, Etsy are hosting an exhibition of some of their artists from the 17th-19th October.
  • Women are thriving in online entrepreneurship. I like to call us “fempreneurs”.
  • The female creative and what it means to love her.
  • How to deal with your inner critic.
  • Jess talks about how a bad feminist turned her into a good one.

The male-dominated narrative doesn’t have to tell you the truth about whether rape is your fault, or whether you’re allowed to not want children. Nor does it have to tell you the truth about what kinds of things women are good at, about who and how we love, about what qualifies as “beautiful” and what must be done to achieve it.

This is absolutely my kinda salad

Learn how tattooing works

I love these mini documentaries I keep finding on Vimeo’s Staff Picks, this one’s about making neon lights.

I don’t know about you but I love nature and this 4min video on how wolves changed rivers is fascinating!

10 Seconds from The Pressure on Vimeo.

Mike Heist has been working in the neon industry in Portland, Oregon for 30 years. He is a master in his craft, and is responsible for the bending of some of the city’s most iconic signage. 10 SECONDS is a short film about work and happiness, and shares a bit of Mike’s thoughts and insight into the amazing process of hand-made neon signage.

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