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September 7, 2014

Empire Records Damn The Man

  • 10 Practical Tips for Solo Female Travel
  • September Tarotscopes!
  • And if you want more Veronica Varlow does tarot horoscopes too.
  • A really helpful article on going freelance.
  • My Number 1 favourite movie is Empire Records, Buzzfeed’s article about this iconic 90’s movie does it absolute justice.
  • How a radical new teaching method could produce a generation of geniuses. Yes.
  • Dogs in flower crowns. Surprisingly adorable.
  • Six very cool film projects by women on Kickstarter.
  • We are all girl bosses now. And I’m totally cool with it.
  • I’ll be moving out of my friend’s and into my new home soon so I’ve started a vision board on Pinterest mostly around how I want to decorate and furnish my new home and also including a few things I’m aiming for.
  • McKel explains what a plant-based lifestyle is.
  • If you’re a blogger, consider taking the Bloggers Required Blogger Survey.
  • A “why didn’t I think of that!?” idea – painting thumb tacks with nail polish! In my new house I will be making an enormous pin/notice/memo board and this is an excellent idea to decorate the thumb tacks that will be used.
  • Oh my gosh I loved these underwater tango photographs!
  • I… I actually like these owl wing printed scarves.
  • I would jump at the chance to visit New York City again so I’ve bookmarked Gala Darling’s list of things to do in NYC.
  • It goes without saying that women are social creatures so these stats on women and social media aren’t surprising!
  • Autistic spectrum boy relates to Gaurdians of the Galaxy superhero and it warms our hearts.
  • The blame game of the stolen celebrity photos.
  • A long time ago, I was working reception at some boring company and because my super active brain had nothing to do while waiting for the phone to ring, I invented wireless headphones, absolutely brilliant idea for those sick of getting their wires caught up at the gym or wherever. I don’t think Kickstarter even existed back then and even if it did, I knew nothing about it, so I didn’t act on my idea, but someone else finally has and you can back their Kickstarter (and bag yourself a pair of these stylish bluetooth headphones).

I am SO behind this project, this is exactly the kind of thing I will be doing with Self Made Dame – encouraging entrepreneurship in women.

I really love this video of two dancers dancing with projected light

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  • Louise September 7, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    Thanks for including my scopes! x