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September 21, 2014

Yacht Island

  • The above image is a conceptual yacht island. Visit the website for some other mind blowing conceptual yachts and high res images.
  • This woman drew herself over a 9 hour LCD trip and it’s beautiful, what I enjoyed more where the enlightened comments on the article.
  • OK Cupid experiment, this girl dressed in different styles to gauge the reaction of prospective suitors and it’s, well, it’s not surprising in the least, but certainly entertaining!
  • I recently discovered Grace Quantock through Gala Darling and found her so inspiring. She is a motivational speaker and life coach focusing on people with serious illness and disabilities, of which she has both.
  • If you love beautiful photography with a fashionable touch, you will love Cherry Blossom Girl.
  • If you like Florence + The Machine, you might like My Brightest Diamond. The player only shows one song but will play the entire album.
  • I have been obsessively watching the travel vlogging of Louis and Ben (and trying to figure out ways I can do it too!), Ben’s in South Africa at the moment visiting his Capetonian girlfriend, on her blog she talks about why she loves surfing. Speaking of travel vloggers, are there ANY British FEMALE travel vloggers? Because so far Ive only found an American and a Canadian… Let me know in the comments if you know of any!
  • Thank you! I really wish the world at large would accept that some women just don’t want children and shouldn’t have to!
  • Afraid of flying? 8 great tips on how to handle it from a seasoned traveler.
  • This list is awesome and I cant wait to get through it – 15 alternative things to do in London.
  • Travel is the best thing you can do for yourself, you grow so much as a person and just become a better person in the world, World of Wanderlust talks about how travel made her a better person.
  • Vegan makeup products, because torturing animals¬†to make us pretty is not cool. I def. need to move to more vegan products.
  • All natural hair care.
  • Organic beauty.
  • One of the tools I use to stave off depression is to monitor my thoughts and spot the trigger that sends me on a downward spiral, the better I get at this, the longer I go without depression, so far, I’m about six months in! How to quit negative self talk is a must read.
  • I got my back tattoo on Ko Phi Phi in Thailand, these photos make me want to jump on a plane like NOW and go back. I LOVED Thailand!
  • Where to buy printable art.
  • 20 small reminders.

Lewis Pugh finishes his seven oceans swim by swimming up the Thames AT NIGHT and I’m blown away by the kahunas this man has to do it! Check out the full Seven Swims videos on his channel too.

200 year old desk with all kinds of hidden drawers, where do I get one!?

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  • AlinaLoves September 21, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Hi Lisa – thank you so much for linking back to my Thailand post, I’m so pleased you liked my photos! Glad to hear you have good memories from Phi Phi, too.

    Lots of interesting links here – I especially love the list of things to do in London and the article about the self talk. I also suffer from depression and I’m still learning how to monitor my thoughts. It’s such a hard process, but weirdly I enjoy discovering myself and learning how to become better at this. So thank you for sharing this, this is definitely much needed!

  • Lindsay September 22, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Wow that yacht is amazing! I really hope they build it so I can go on it one day, I am such a sucker for a nice boat!

    Scottish Outlander

    • TheDameIntl September 26, 2014 at 10:41 am

      Wouldn’t that be awesome Lindsay, definitely something to write home about!