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October 12, 2014

cat in swing

  • Fantastic latex collection.
  • Elisa went to a little town in Greece and now I want to go because cats, wifi, garlic!
  • I deal with half of these every day, eye opening! 6 limiting thoughts that keep us from being happy.
  • LOVE these bright, colourful oracle cards by Sassy She, Lisa Lister.
  • 5 tips to starting your own business.
  • 30 things to do this fall/autumn.
  • Tony Bennet has teamed up with Lady Gaga to release a jazz album and it is MAGICAL! I will drown out all of xmas and its crappy music with this album.
  • Kat went from her trademark pink hair to bright blue and tells you how you too can dye your hair unnatural colours and maintain it – because life is too short for brown hair! :p
  • Obviously I LOVE Caitlin Moran, here’s an interview with her.
  • 3 unique female led films to watch this year.
  • My gorgeous caterer to the stars friend Milli has her first book coming out called Party-Perfect Bites and you can pre-order it now!
  • It’s that time of year when you want comforting food, this vegan Glow Bowl with sweet potato, pesto pasta and tomatoes is perfect.
  • And then we have express vegetable noodle soup. Yum.
  • And another noodle soup that’s more spicy.
  • Gaboury Sidibe’s unbounded confidence is so inspiring.
  • How to get more likes and follows on Instagram, tips you wouldn’t expect!
  • Samantha makes My Little Pony plushies and they are adorable!
  • HOW have I only just discovered IFTTT? Recipes (scripts) to make your technology run life so much smoother!
  • Blackberry and Toffee Apple Crumble. Um, yes.
  • More autumn recipes mostly with my favourite sweet potato and another apple dessert!
  • A really beautiful hotel in Durban, South Africa.
  • As you must know by now, bar carts are a thing, and a very good thing in my opinion but I can’t seem to find a decent one that doesn’t cost a fortune anywhere, this guide on how to pimp a cheap Ikea kitchen cart is perfect.
  • Freelancers! 5 ways to get out of a slump and get new clients fast.
  • Wild Home‘ is a documentary about a guy who rescues exotic pets and how they helped him recover from the affects of the Vietnam War.
  • The most amazing places available to stay at through Airbnb.
  • Check out this Kickstarter for jewellery made from remains of conflicts of war.

SONG OF THE WEEK! My best girl Katey put this on my FB wall cos she knows me so well and I’ve had this on repeat, absolutely my kinda dance music!

If you work with clients and have ever wanted to fire one or have fired one, you will LOVE this cute song.

Absolutely magical montage of people and places across the world set to a beautiful song, really puts life into perspective.

If you like The Black Keys, youll like this guy, discovered him from the movie Chef which I really enjoyed!

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