This Week On The Web

November 9, 2014

spare cats

As usual I have a bumper issue of interesting things I found on the web this week. Personally, I spent the entire week listening to podcasts, attending webinars, downloading free resources from leaders in business and digital marketing and writing drafts for the new things I will be launching in the coming weeks. It feels good to have a purpose.

Seriously people. I’m doing more work in my 2-3 hours than you’re doing in you 7-12 hours of pussy footing around online.

My tweet is featured at the end of this video on freelancers. 🙂

When it comes to Anne Hathaway I’m neither here nor there but I love her beautiful example of the lesson she learned as a result of the cyber bullying she has received.

Love this. It’s so important to get away from the computer. Just this morning it came to me that instead of slaving away at the computer trying to build something, I need to spend time away from the work to actually be GIVEN the work that needs to be done, instead of pushing to figure out what it is or create it. Quiet time, let’s it come to you. I get my best ideas when I’m in the bath because I can’t get distracted in there! Also when  I go for a walk in the woodlands or the fields, I do actually use my voice recorder app on my phone!

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