I Went Wild Swimming

July 1, 2014

wild swim newquay

[Im the one with the purple hair!]

Moving back to Cornwall has been such a great decision. i have been more active and outdoors in two weeks than I have in the past two years and this week, I added wild swimming to my adventures. As a kid, I was one of the top swimmers in my primary schools but as an adult, I’m pretty unfit. Last week I went to the local swimming pool with a friend and had to swim in the old lady slow lane as I just don’t have the lung capacity to swim with the big kids!

Wild swimming was quite the leap of faith but I’m so glad I went. We swam up a river that feeds into the sea and one that I have visited at low tide a few times, in fact it features in my Summer Solstice video where we foraged the samphire.

wild swim newquay gannel

I bought a summer surfing wetsuit specifically in order to join the Wild Swim Newquay crew (and also to get back into surfing) and even encased in neoprene I felt the icy cold of the water! Eventually I was separated from the herd as the strong swimmers surged ahead and the slower swimmers ambled up behind me, I was on my own, enjoying the quiet and really being in my body and feeling the water, the tide, the ripples, watching the birds, the cows in the fields and the houses stoically watching us glide by. I said hello to the passing stand up paddle boarders and kayakers and just gave thanks to the Universe for such a wonderful opportunity.

wild swimming

It was tiring, I haven’t swum in many many years, I was thankful my wetsuit was quite buoyant and eventually I group of ladies caught up with me for moral support. We found a patch of sand and rocks we could walk along to give us a break from swimming and I swear a crab ran right over my foot! It gave me such a fright that I jumped and immediately got cramp in both my calves! We had only just turned back too but luckily there was a bank right there for me to swim to and stretch out my calves as I had a long was still to go.

By the time I got back, it had taken me an hour to swim just over 2 kilometres and I was cold but exhilarated and felt very accomplished. The lady who runs the group gave me a high five and I will most definitely be back for more as Wild Swim Newquay swim at different places around this beautiful north Cornwall coastline.

open water swimming

Other things I want to do this summer is go coasteering, learn to stand up paddle board, and even try SUP yoga, do more hiking and definitely catch some waves!

What’s your favourite outdoor activity and what would you most like to try? Have you ever been wild swimming? Let us know in the comments!

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