What To Binge Watch This Summer

June 19, 2015


I watch a lot of TV series’. I don’t have a regular TV, so I check out a lot of stuff online and I’ve found some really fantastic shows for you to watch this summer. Here’s six shows to choose from with a bonus two releasing soon. 




If you’re trans/homophobic, you will not like Sense8. If you’re prudish, you will not like this show. This show is groundbreaking. Not only is the story itself unlike anything we’ve seen before, the characters and actors are diverse in both race and sexuality. We have two gay couples, one of which is a mixed race couple, of which one is transgender, there is a sex scene in just about every episode and an almighty orgy scene with all eight of the characters.

This show is simply mind blowing. It shows us a reality where dimensions are fluid and people can be more than one person at a time. We are taken into the stories of eight very different characters from across the world including Africa, India, Europe and America. Each character’s story is so detailed and totally sucks you in, I might even watch this all over again.

I devoured this show like an addict in about two days. My only gripe with it, is that it’s shot very slowly and is sometimes repetitive, I found myself getting impatient with the pacing. Of course, with a show this good you can forgive them taking a while to get to know each character, but I do think they could have edited it a bit better.



Generally I’m not a fan of anything zombie/gory but this show really surprised me. I was initially attracted to the lead character’s zombie look, white messy bob and reddish eyes. Basically, she is scratched at a party she didn’t even want to go to and wakes up a zombie the next day. She gets a job at a morgue so that she can eat brains but each brain she eats, she sees the memories of the deceased and so helps to solve the crime of how they died. There is a lot of action and explosions and intrigue and shock and she also takes on personality traits of the person who’s brain she ate. There are bad zombies too that cause all manner of problems and I for one cannot wait until Season 2 of iZombie!

On Season 3 already…

The 100


I’m so glad I picked up on this show because I binge watched both seasons back to back in a week.

This is set in the future when Earth is no longer inhabited (so we think) and people now live on a space ship in space. The 100 are a group of criminal kids who are sent back to Earth to see if it’s inhabitable, which it is, kinda. There’s fighting with each other for power, fighting for survival and then fighting against Earth’s inhabitants while on the space ship they’re also fighting for survival in amongst betrayal and subterfuge.

The 100 Leading Ladies

Also, everyone is badass, the lead chick is a total badass and she falls in lesbians with the other badass tribe leader.

The Originals


If you watched The Vampire Diaries, you may know that The Originals is a spin off from that show, a more grown up vampire show with werewolves and witches thrown in. It’s totally gripping and if you like your vampire type shows, you’ll love this. Also, gay relationship. (I am so loving all the LGBT+ representation in TV these days *fist pump*). Also, I wouldn’t say you would need to have watched TVD before watching this, they’ve done a good job of making it a stand alone show.



I do love a bit of medieval TV and I especially love Reign because it’s based on the story of Mary Queen of Scots but everyone is young and gorgeous and back-stabby and wearing modern gowns influenced by medieval fashion which has had the costume purists up in arms while I happily eat my popcorn and think “oh what lovely spike earrings”…

Mary in Reign

Mary is played by a young Australian girl called Adelaide who does the most perfect British accent and absolutely knows how to play a take-no-shit queen. Her ladies in waiting all have their own intriguing story lines. Trigger warning for rape in the second season although I loved Adelaide’s Youtube video about speaking up about sexual assault.



Vikings is another fantastic medieval show hosted by brilliant actors Travis Fimmel and Katheryn Winnick who is an absolute ass-kicking badass (I love badass dames!).

The show is the story of one Viking tribe and their quest to explore new lands and take whatever they want, whenever they want while also attempting to stay on the throne back home. Beautifully shot and depicting strong women – I can’t wait for season 3!

Lagertha Vikings

Coming soon…

Mr Robot

Mr. Robot

I was lucky enough to view the first episode of this brilliant show (coming out on the 24th June). If you’re a bit of a tech geek/internet nerd/conspiracy theorist and anti-1%er, you will love this show. Here’s a review on Forbes.com.

The lead character is a guy with severe social anxiety and strong opinions on how the world functions. He works for an internet security firm and moonlights as a hacker. He’s a bit of a hacktivist and takes down some nasty people in his spare time. He is super quirky and his opinions on the world are right up my street, I am so eager to binge watch Mr. Robot this summer.

Apparently as a marketing tactic, the show will be erasing $100,000 in debt of some of the show’s fans. Interesting.



The Mary Sue speculates that the pilot of Supergirl was leaked by CBS in an attempt to see how it would be received. It was well received and having watched it myself, I too enjoyed it. It will certainly fill the gap that Arrow has left and it’s awesome to see a show centred solely on a female super hero given that Agent Carter (more butt kicking badass dames!) was so short lived (although apparently we are in for season 2, happy yay yay!).

Now I want to know, what are your favourite TV shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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