What’s Your New Normal?

March 6, 2015

new normalIn high end coaching circles for women entrepreneurs the phrase “new normal” is used often. It describes the way you will live your life once you have overcome your fears, doubts and money mindset blocks and are living the life you always dreamed of when earning your desired income. For me, that’s £5-10K a month.

I am on my way to being able to design my new normal so I wanted to write it down here as a way for me to refer to say, in a year’s time, when I have grown my business and finances and changed my mindset.

So for me, what I would like as my “new normal” is:

  • Weekly massages and reiki sessions
  • Weekly mani’s and monthly pedi’s
  • My own high level business coach
  • Being able to invest in my further training as a coach and business woman
  • Lunch and dinner in a different restaurant a couple times a week
  • Horse riding, pole, martial arts, yoga and stand up paddle boarding lessons
  • Trips away whenever and wherever I like
  • Tattoos by my favourite artists
  • My hair professionally coloured at the salon
  • A great wardrobe
  • Driving a sexy black Golf TDI
  • Living in a lovely and quiet detached house in a great neighbourhood
  • Creative, adventurous and positive friends
  • Debt free
  • Able to spoil my mom and friends to my hearts desire
  • Never having to say “I’d love to but I can’t afford it”!

If you’re working to uplevel your life, I want to know, what will be your new normal?

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