Why Are You Even Bothering?

April 7, 2015

why are you bothering to pursue your dreams?

I recently had a coaching session with a lady who is launching her own coaching business and she said that some days she feels like she’s killing at, but a lot of the time, she feels like she doesn’t know why she’s even bothering.

So I asked her, “why ARE you even bothering?”. I wanted to know, why had she chosen this journey into working for herself? Why had she chosen the niche she had chosen? Why was she doing what she was doing?

It’s important for us to remind ourselves why what we are doing is important to us.

For her, she had realised that her most productive hours were between 4am and 11am. Not conducive to working a 9-5! She also wanted to do meaningful work that increased her life, rather than building someone else’s dreams. Working for herself also meant more time for herself and her partner. And of course, any coach will tell you that helping someone overcome and breakthrough their ish is a massive plus.

So, the next time you ask yourself why you’re even bothering, actually answer the question. List all the reasons why you started your thing and then ask yourself what you need to do to make it happen. 

For my client, she was avoiding what she really needed to be doing, getting clients, by tinkering with her website copy instead. Creating a website and writing the best sales copy for it are a very small part of going into business for yourself as a coach. But they’re not really the thing that is going to get you clients.

It’s not enough to simply throw a net out into the ocean and wait for fish to swim into it. You actually have to pick up a spear, wade into the water and start spearing fish. You gotta show up and give value, every day, so that people recognise you as a go-to person in their time of need. You gotta share your story so that people can relate to you and see that you know how to help them through their similar experience. Having a website with awesome copy on it is an accessory to the real work. Connecting to people, helping people and getting testimonials is where the real work is and you can only get better at it by actually doing it.

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