Wicked Dame: Vanessa Frankenstein

November 18, 2013

Vanessa Frankenstein is an internationally published pinup babe from Germany, with Spanish blood, who has a fabulous blog where she talks pinup beauty, fashion and make up tips. Personally I can’t get enough of the perfection that is her face.

17616_208171969344797_1741333412_n 971971_213129235515737_1818444557_n 1003764_204179553077372_642120619_n 1150205_204523269709667_31885714_n 1185642_211392549022739_1720210073_n 1235403_211391932356134_1476261163_n 1236269_217327231762604_597742357_n 1240365_211391879022806_1044908759_n 1385589_220465681448759_848473827_n 1385691_219985324830128_1999364514_n 1390576_10201000758961058_323333783_n 1393075_225955110899816_305696875_n 1400308_230782220417105_1562918687_o Bat Girl 6_zuschnitt Chili 1 Collectif Agarva Freddie_4a detailjh Dietrich Trenchcoat 4_a Dietrich Trenchcoat 7_a Dietrich Trenchcoat 16_klein Hotrod Honey 4 IMG_9715 RedDollySwim 1_insta RedDollySwim 9_insta Vanessa Frankenstein Pink Bow (1) Vanessa Frankenstein Pink Bow (2) wanda3_photo

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