Your Gratitude Project Challenge


I’m starting something wonderful and I need your help.


All you have to do is spend 7 days counting your blessings and then report back to me.

I believe in gratitude.

Gratitude has literally changed my life. Ever since I made it a daily part of my life, I have seen so much positive change and I really believe that it has cured me from depression.

I would like to ask you to take the 7 day challenge of counting your blessings and see what positive change this practice brings to you and your life.

Your findings will be used as the beginnings of a new venture I have begun called Your Gratitude Project. I want to start a gratitude movement and grow a community of people changing their lives for the better through gratitude.

If you are already experienced in daily gratitude, please write to me now or leave a comment about your practice and the positive benefits you have gained.

Taking part in this week long challenge will be the beginnings of a positive movement which I hope to eventually turn into a career that will make it possible to speak at schools and help young people suffering from depression and anxiety.

Help me to help others by counting your blessings for one week from today.

All you need is a journal, pen and a moment alone every day. Write down as many things as you can think of to be thankful for and be as creative as possible so you don’t become redundant and bored with it. Believe me it can be a challenge at first because we take so many things for granted, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a fun game.

At the end of the week, take note of any changes this project as affected in your thinking and in your life.

Then please email me with your findings next week Thursday 28th March.

Ready? Go!

ps: Thank you! ;)

The Dame

  • Tina

    very nice idea.. i am grateful to be alive to start with.. for everything (the good and the bad) that i have lived ..for the family in which i was born.. for being able to purchase my dreams, even though i may not succeed fulfilling them… for every hug i had and gave back.. for having a job, even though i don t particularly enjoy it :P .. for the sunsets i watched laying by the beach, all the dances under the summer moonlights, all the heartbreaks that made me stronger and who i am today..for being myself even though not always excepted :) for loving yoga and learning every lesson she teaches me everyday…and so many much more..

    • The Dame

      Thank you Tina! What a lovely gratitude list :)

  • Jade

    What a great idea, for some reason I’ve only just come across this post though so I will not have any findings by Thursday but i’m going to start this from tomorrow. I’ve felt really depressed today so hopefully this will help make tomorrow (and the following days) better :) x

  • Rachel

    I’ve kept a gratitude journal since I was 16 (I’m 22 now) and I’m always grateful for nature, new knowledge, and family. Those always appear to be the top of my lists. Of course, I’m grateful for a lot more than those things, it would just take me forever and a day to write down EVERYTHING I’ve been grateful for :)

    One of my favorite days in my journal goes; catching the sunrise with my doggy, video games, air, the sound of the ocean, boyfriend (it’s erased then written again), and books.

    I love that I can remember everything that happened on that day just by looking at that nice little list.

  • AJ

    Is it too late to take part in this? :)
    AJ recently posted..Spring, Spring, Spring

    • The Dame

      It’s ongoing! x