Be Careful What You Say To Yourself

April 24, 2011

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist who did an experiment with water where he froze water droplets in different glasses to which he stuck a different word, some negative, some positive, to see if those words effected the way the water crystallized.  He found that the water with negative words crystallized into malformed crystals and those with positive words crystallized into perfectly formed crystals. Read more about it here.

“Love and Gratitude”

“You Make Me Sick”

We are made of 70% water, what you say to yourself effects you.

If you speak with love and appreciation to yourself, you will grow beautifully!

If you speak negatively, you will destroy yourself.


Think about someone you know who comes from an abusive home, where someone in their family is verbally abusive and says nasty things.  That person is stunted and wounded, like a tree that you’ve been watering with chemicals instead of pure water.

Now think of someone you know who comes from a loving home, where the family is supportive and kind, that person is most likely a confident and successful person.

Now apply that knowledge to yourself.  If you are saying things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend, stop doing that.

If you want to be better, stop talking to yourself about how you’re not good enough.  What you say to yourself becomes your reality.

Start appreciating yourself and your potential and watch your life change for the better.

Every single time you think “I’m not good enough”, replace that negative thought with “I AM good enough!” and repeat it three or more times.

You owe it to yourself to live a life you enjoy instead of spending your days wasting your life because you think you don’t deserve to have one.  You do.  Honour that gift.

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