Brighton Tattoo Convention 2013

February 21, 2013

This was my first visit to the Brighton Tattoo Convention and I am so glad that I went. Brighton is always a pleasure to visit and we stayed at the Artist Residence Hotel a minute’s walk up the hill behind the Hilton Metropole where the convention was being held.

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2013

I have only attended the London and Amsterdam Tattoo Conventions in the past and every time didn’t really have much of a clue of who’s who in the tattoo world. All that changed this time around thanks to Instagram since the majority of people I follow on there are tattoo artists most of whom I found through @topuktattooartists.


So beautifully laid out and organised.  The staff were friendly and the security very serious haha!

IMG_9356 IMG_9358

This was sadly the last UK convention for Crispy before he heads back to Australia this year.

IMG_9409 IMG_9410 IMG_9414IMG_9413IMG_9415 IMG_9416

Decks by El Bernardes. Facebook | Tumblr.


Some of the artists really put in the effort to decorate their display tables which I thought was a wonderful touch.


Above, Stu Rollison.


Strangely, my favourite artists were paired with each other in their booths, like in this case with Matt Hart and Sneaky Mitch.  And above with Kid Kros and Antony Flemming as well as Crispy Lennox and Cesar Mesquite.



The baby on the left was rotating!


Hannah Keuls at Gilded Cage Tattoo Studio.

IMG_9440 IMG_9442

I don’t know why I didn’t buy some of these cute bird skull candles! By Gilded Cage.

IMG_9443 IMG_9449 IMG_9452 IMG_9454


Valerio Serpetti does amazingly realistic and colourful tattoos.


Prints by Neil Dransford. Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram.

IMG_9459 IMG_9464

Leena Lumilampi from Helsinki. Instagram.

IMG_9465 IMG_9467 IMG_9468 IMG_9469

Claudia de Sabe.


The convention was perfect. It felt like a boutique convention, like it was almost an invite only affair. It felt intimate and special and every one enjoyed all the beautiful and interesting people who attended, you really couldn’t turn your head in any direction without laying eyes on an attractive person!

IMG_9503 IMG_9504 IMG_9505 IMG_9506 IMG_9507 IMG_9508

Dan Chase‘s art is amazing.


I was really taken with the beauty of this woman.


Goldilox. Instagram | Facebook | Website.


David Corden!


Freaky deaky!

IMG_9518 IMG_9519

My beautiful friend Fran.

IMG_9640 IMG_9643 IMG_9647 IMG_9649 IMG_9650 IMG_9651 IMG_9653 IMG_9658

Having a better idea of tattoo artists made it all the more exciting being able to see in person the people behind the art and in some cases meet them.  My friend and I had a chat with Kid Kros as he and my friend are both from Croatia.  I was surprised that there wasn’t a cue around the corner for Kid Kros as his work is phenomenal and he is based in Croatia.  I did my best to persuade him to get a residency in the UK where he would be kept very busy.

kid kros


IMG_9406 IMG_9407 IMG_9408

I also met in person Antony Flemming and his beautiful girlfriend Belle Jorden who’s stunning chest piece he did. I feel like I was somewhat instrumental in getting him a booth at the convention by badgering anyone who would listen about him needing a place there! I was happy to pick up a beautiful print from him too but unfortunately didn’t have the funds to book in with him this time around.  He is on my list however, along with Kid Kros and Sneaky Mitch.


Belle Jorden

antony flemming print

The first day I simply introduced myself to my artist, Ian Parkin, bought three of his prints and then went round the convention to see who was attending and check out the handful of vendors.  I got to meet Alice the woman behind new women’s tattoo culture magazine Things & Ink and we later chatted about ideas for me to write for the magazine in a future edition.

ian parkin tattoo

ian parkin prints

things and ink magazine issue 2


Alice on the left doing an impromptu photo shoot with a fan who just got a lamp tattoo that is similar to the one on Alice’s left arm.


Upstairs I found a gallery of some artwork from a variety of the artists in attendance and a large mural that anyone could colour in with the markers provided which I thought was a wonderful way to make people feel included and involved and for them to leave their own mark.

IMG_9493 IMG_9492 IMG_9495 IMG_9496 IMG_9498 IMG_9499

I was delighted to meet George who is a caricature artist and who painted my likeness in about 4 minutes including capturing my “crazy eyes” which was just amazing to me, what an incredible talent!


The buzz of tattoo machines combined with the smell of antiseptic was making me itch to get my tattoo done but I had to wait till Sunday afternoon before it was my turn and finally I got to sit down after weeks of waiting in anticipation.  Ian worked super fast and got almost all of the line work done before the fire alarm in the hotel went off and we were all told to evacuate! An entire tattoo convention then converged on the main beach road in front of the hotel, some wrapped in silver blankets, all making passers by stare in wonder and the strange and beautiful people crowding the streets.

IMG_9681 IMG_9675

After about half an hour we were let back in all shivering and ready for a stiff drink but it was to be another two hours before I could have that drink and by that point I really needed it.


IMG_9682IMG_6936IMG_6933IMG_6945 IMG_9695IMG_9698IMG_6952 IMG_9702

Ian did an amazing job on my tattoo but oh hell did it hurt! I’m not sure if tattoos have always hurt this bad and I’ve just forgotten about it, or if I was just extra sensitive that day but it was all I could do to not to grimace and even almost cry.  I think I may have punched Ian in the leg a couple of times too!  I was told I was really tough for sitting through such a big tattoo, but I felt like I acted like a little bitch in all honesty.  By the end of it, I was really irritated, sore and raw.  I really enjoyed the double Sailor Jerry rum and coke we had once it was all done and wrapped up.  I also liked sneaking home my black Sailor Jerry rum cup it was served in.


My other favourite item I picked up at the convention was this cheeky t shirt from Tattoos By Joel.  Definitely a new favourite of mine! I love to rock the proverbial boat 😉


Outside of the tattoo area I found the vendor section and bar which was a welcome respite from the heat of the tattooing area and was swathed in red lights and fabric draped from the ceiling with bands performing throughout the event.


Missy Le Pink performing between selling her 100% natural, vegan, chemical and cruelty free tattoo tonic of which I bought a small pot which I am using to nurse my tattoo.





This little baby had some serious ‘tood! Loved her! Her mommy makes a line of baby clothes for badass babies too.


Curiosities vendor Eaton Nott had all manner of weird and wonderful things could be found here and they make the most incredible head pieces that have been used in editorial fashion shoots and worn at weddings.  I found a similar shop in New York that I spent about an hour in just looking at all the strange and bizarre things one could buy.


Pickled puppies anyone?

IMG_9382 IMG_9386IMG_9384

I absolutely fell in love with Kerry Evans‘ incredible artwork.  I want so much from her collection!

IMG_9385IMG_9392 IMG_9390

This black crow painting was my favourite.

IMG_9389IMG_9387IMG_9388IMG_9391IMG_9393 IMG_9394 IMG_9395 IMG_9396 IMG_9397 IMG_9398

Tessa Metcalfe who makes this jewellery told me that she casts pigeon feet in bronze and then coats them in sterling silver.  I really loved the foot holding the ball, which actually moves so you can turn it absent mindedly while you’re thinking up your next tattoo design.  I didn’t have £85 to buy it, but one day I might.


The entire weekend was just fantastic. I loved attending the convention and will definitely go next year if I am in the UK when it is on.  Thank you to Woody and his team for a wicked awesome convention, can’t wait for next year!

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  • Graham o'Brien February 22, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Hi I want to say what an awesome write up you managed to some it all up in one . We lost our son at the beginning of December 12 aged 2 yrs , My bro lives about a 2 hr jurney from me so I don’t get to see him often so my wife brought us our tickets to brighton tattoo convention so we could catch up and spend some time together I also wanted to enter my head tattoo into the comp as its all done with dots kinda 3d looking Aztec but when the fire alarms went off my bro took that as its time to go he wanted to get back to see his sons as one was ill good job to as the parking cost us £20 but any how it was an emaising day for us the Sunday like u say everything and everyone there was just emaising I’d also like to thank the guys at tattoo land
    uk Woking for there awesome skills in tattooing . Thanks DAME awesome site ..

    • The Dame February 22, 2013 at 11:13 am

      Thanks Graham, glad you enjoyed the event and my blog 🙂

      Just in case you wanted to know, “emaising” is spelt amazing 😉

      • Graham o'Brien February 23, 2013 at 2:40 am

        Lol just checking your awake 🙂

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  • Missy Le Pink April 19, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Hey Lady Dame!

    I just got pointed in the direction of your lovely blog, and the photo/mention of me, thank you so much for that, very sweet, and well done blog! (It’s not easy – as working on my forthcoming one has proved!) but it looks great. If you are in any need of any more tonic, please drop me a line and I shall pop one in the post to you as a thank you for taking the time to mention me. Lots of Love! Ooops, my email is Keep Rockin’! xxxx

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