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The Best of January

February 6, 2014


I was given the opportunity to volunteer again at the guest farm I went to in 2012. This time around they had started a rural farm school for the local pre-schoolers and I got to experience teaching 21 amazing four and five year olds with puzzles, colouring in and outdoor activities, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

Picture 1: Saying hello to Angel the Vaal deer who was being hand reared when I was last there.

Picture 2: Saying hello to some wild cattle who graciously to take a selfie with me.

Picture 3: Saying hello to one of my grand children. When I was last at the farm, on my second day, I had to find and carry back from a far off field two new born goats, one male, one female, so we named them after me, Lisa and Tony (my middle name is Toni). Lisa has now had two girls who are the most loving goats I’ve ever known!

Picture 4: Meeting a very outgoing cockateel who tried to nibble off my tattoos, a scab on my knuckle and then wear my sunglasses!

Picture 5: Being the school arm chair with Jane, Thando, Gift and Patience (who I later saved from drowning!).

Picture 6: Out on one of the trail rides, I will never get used to the epic view from up those mountains!

Picture 7: Swimming in a waterfall that we hiked too, what a spiritual experience! Nature is my church.

Picture 8: Swimming in a damn, again, so good for the soul.

Picture 9: Spotting a giraffe on our way into Nelspruit.

I highly recommend volunteering, you learn so much about the culture your sharing your experience with and grow so much as a person.

I will be doing a more extended post about my time volunteering on the farm so watch this space for an epic photo essay!


Onto The Next Chapter

February 1, 2014


I’m turning 35 in 5 days.

I can’t quite believe it. I certainly don’t feel as old! I have 27 days left in South Africa but I’m itching to get home and get on with my goals, I’ve got big plans for this year, launching my Holistic Health Coaching business, an anti-hate T-shirt campaign and moving back to SA later in the year, once everything is up and running. Graduating in the summer, getting new tattoos, becoming more spiritual, meditating properly, taking better care of my body, becoming stronger and happier, more grounded, grateful and generous. Truly understanding and accomplishing forgiveness, and taking time to also enjoy life and hopefully meet more amazing people and have more incredible experiences.

How do you want to feel this year?


Leaving On A Jetplane

November 28, 2013


As you read this I am currently jetting my way to South Africa where I will be spending three months in Durban to escape the brunt of the nasty UK winter. I am looking forward to posting about my adventures and bringing you some sunshine while I am away!

The Dame


Mad for Motel Rocks

November 8, 2013

Party season is almost upon us and I am mad for sequin dresses! I like people to know I was there! Motel currently have a party girl quiz on their site and I came up with Sequin Starlet, go figure! They’re also giving away a discount code depending on your quiz result. Nice. Wanna know my answers? Rihanna / Jamie Dornan (swoon!) / Black Eyeliner / Statement Necklace / Twin Buns / Sequin Dress. Now if only I could put those all together – go to a party at Rihanna’s with Jamie Dornan as my date and with me in one of the sexy sequin dresses below, twin buns, my statement necklace and de rigueur black eyeliner. Sorted.

motel rocks sequin dresse motel rocks motel rocks

Seriously, how do you choose? Obviously I will simply have to go to a different party for every sequin dress! That quilted skirt is so badass; the plum romper is perfect for hot summer days which I will be enjoying in Durban until March; I love the velvet Chinese style dress for work dinners and the red polka dot dress is just heavenly!

Time to break out that credit card…


Music: Furns [Free Downloads]

November 8, 2013

I’m not sure how I happened upon Furns but I’m so glad I did. Beautiful female vocal over trippy, dreamy, layers of melodies that feel like swimming in Gatsby’s pool on a hot summer’s evening in slow motion. Definitely an album to put on repeat if you’re having sexy time!


A duo composed of singer and pianist Monika Faludi (24) and programmer Mathias Dahl (22), Furns was formed in September 2011 and has since been recording their dreamy electropop songs in a makeshift studio – either their bathroom or bedroom – in Copenhagen, Denmark.

All 11 of the following tracks are free to download from Soundcloud. Their debut single, Love Aches, as well as another track, Power, are available to buy for just $1.

More about the band.


My Summer

September 4, 2013


Summer took it’s sweet time about showing up this year and after a particularly brutal and lengthy winter, it was very welcome. I dusted off my beautiful bike and went exploring the town I landed in mid October and to my happy surprise, discovered an enormous and very beautiful tree filled park just a short bike ride away. Continue Reading…