Choosing Your Reality: Incredible Men

December 21, 2011

I’m currently reading SARK’s Succulent Wild Woman and this line struck me:

there are a lot of incredible men out there

This is not something I have ever really thought. I’ve been disappointed and hurt by men my entire life, despite also having many wonderful relationships, I’ve just never said a sentence like that to myself or anyone else.

But doesn’t it sound good though!? I would very much like to believe that sentence and so I now choose to believe that there are a lot of incredible men out there. That makes me feel really good and I’m sure it makes all the incredible men out there shine when I am near BECAUSE I believe in them.

Isnt that wonderful?? To make myself into a type of light that reflects incredible men simply because I choose to believe in them?

What else can I change my perception about in order to make it my reality? The possibilities are endless!

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