Currently Loving!

March 31, 2011

  • Mushroom, Cannelloni Beans and Caramalized Onions on baby spinach, recipe here!
  • Watching a surf movie at the local pub with the rest of the village!
  • Stocking up on V-neck white tshirts at the thrift store (I love white, but Im so bad at wearing it!)
  • Cider.
  • Scented candles that smell like the ocean on a sunny day!
  • Fake tan!
  • Filling my bedroom with flowers!
  • Getting more blog lovin!
  • Super clear skin thanks to starting my day with a Green Smoothie! (Even at period time! shock! surprise! And no pains!)
  • Starting my day listening to The Drums – I Wanna Go Surfing and playing it on repeat till Im in an excellent mood!
  • Indie music! Beach Fossils, Minus The Bear, Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, Local Natives, Geographer, Fleet Foxes…
  • Meeting a gorgeous dog called, Gorgeous!
  • Winning the pub quiz and having to suck down six, SIX, 3ltr jugs of Cider!!! %D
  • Conspiracy theories about aliens and the Illuminati!
  • GPS sunrise alarm app. for my iPhone, so now I wake up at sparrow’s fart!
  • Feathers in the hair for summer time!
  • Waking up with this guy (my boyfriend), who also cuddles with me under the covers:

  • Chocolate icing made from coconut oil, cocoa powder, banana and agave syrup! YUM!
  • Midnight Candy‘s showreel! (I open it with a “Superman” pole trick)

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