Dr Lissa Rankin Prescribes Healing From The Soul

December 13, 2011

Someone I follow on Tumblr posted this video of Dr Lissa Rankin talking at a TEDxWomen event.  This video is profound.  A new wave of thinking and very similar to my path of enlightenment too.

Dr Lissa Rankin is a trained and experienced medical doctor who became disenchanted with the practice and began delving deeper into why people get sick.  She began by ending prescribing medications and instead prescribing nutritional guidelines.  She then went on to take a more holistic approach and came to her current solution: healing begins in the soul.  Physical symptoms are there to tell us that something inside us is upset and we need to fix that.

Watch the video yourself to be inspired and amazed.  I love how she has a big smile on her face during her entire speech.  I feel very excited about Dr Rankin, I am SO grateful that I have discovered her.

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