LondonEdge Alternative Fashion Expo – Day 2

February 5, 2013

Day two at the LondonEdge Expo was mostly skater brand day.  I went upstairs to where all the urban, street and skate brands were set up and met some really cool guys.


Karma Skateboards Zoltar decks.


I believe this shirt is by A Number of Names.


Blood, Sweet and 5 Years by Any Forty.  The design and quality of this cool street wear brand are definitely worth checking out guys.



Deus Ex Machina clothing, for sales speak to Rob Fairweather at Blackcloset. (Seen below on the right next to his brother).  Rob also stocks Makia, Millican, Sitka and Sludr, brands that I know many Tumblr peeps will love who are into the lumberjack / outdoors style.


What a foxy pair of brothers don’t you think?

IMG_8764 IMG_8765Mindless longboards are my favourite! Because I have one myself, although I never get to ride it, which is a sin really…
IMG_8766 IMG_8767

When I was about 11 years old, I had rollerskates and my friend and I would do a roller-dance to “Locomotion” by Kylie Minogue on my concrete drive way so roller skates always have a special place in my heart 🙂 IMG_8768 IMG_8769

All longboard and roller skate stock by StateSide Skates.

IMG_8770 IMG_8771 IMG_8772 IMG_8775

Meet Joe of Lucky Edge Decks, he designs these indie skate wear and skate decks himself and was very cool and friendly.  His standard of work is impressive and I would definitely wear his stuff.

IMG_8779IMG_8777IMG_8782 IMG_8783 IMG_8781

Next I met Jonathan of Fatnek Clothing, another cool and friendly guy repping his own street style brand with his own artwork.  I liked his stuff so much I asked him to please sell me one of his Xpensive Shit jumpers which is the cosiest thing I have worn in ages and I actually wore it for about three days afterwards… (I’ve washed it since!).  I liked his clever remarks on society today like with is ‘sheep’ t shirt and his phone covers are pretty awesome too.


This cool guy is Hooch who has a bboy street wear brand called Chief Rocka.  He also had his bboy crew there who were performing and I believe they sponsor/host bboy comps around the country.


Cali surf brand Maui and Sons had some seriously bright cruiser decks on display.


The gorgeous babes of Bubblegum Vegas rockabilly and pinup jewelry.

IMG_8790 IMG_8791 IMG_8792 IMG_8793

Fancy frilly things from Starline Lingerie.


Little bit of Edwardian/Victoriana maybe?

IMG_8795 IMG_8797 IMG_8798 IMG_8799 IMG_8800 IMG_8801

I loved all the home wear accessories at the Sourpuss Clothing stand!


The moment I saw the bags above my heart skipped a beat.  They come in rich red, black and a deep pink (almost seen at back) and to my very delight, are called ‘The Classy Dame‘!  I was completely over the moon when they offered me to buy the bag despite it being a sample.  Of course I went for the red bag, although I normally wear all black everything, I just love how it stands out.  It’s quite large, so perfect for a day out.  You can be sure you will see it in photos over the year!


IMG_8804 IMG_8803 IMG_8805

Every time I paid a visit to the Sourpuss stand I found something new to marvel and coo over like these adorable babies clothes and bibs!

IMG_8806 IMG_8807 IMG_8808



Awesome bags by Collectif.


These divine dresses by Collectif are made from a heavy but soft linen fabric, just perfect for hugging the curves.  If I was sample size I would have modeled them so you could see how they fit beautifully.  Definitely a worthwhile investment in any pinup and rockabilly girl’s closet, or even if you just want to look and feel very ladylike to an event like a garden party this summer.

IMG_8813 IMG_8814 IMG_8815 IMG_8862

These funky pair of turquoise men’s trainers are by Iron Fist and have a bit of a sparkle in them in places too.  They are being warn by the Iron Fist rep who was very friendly and happy to show me all their new stock.

IMG_8865 IMG_8866 IMG_8867 IMG_8868 IMG_8870 IMG_8881


I absolutely fell in love with this hilarious print of the fox with the hunter rider’s leg in it’s mouth. I think I will definitely pick up the jumper and clutch, it’s just too cute and funny!

IMG_8871I really loved this red jumper with the spine print on the back and studded shoulders.

Cute swimsuit.


These have matching wedge shoes.

IMG_8877 IMG_8878





That concludes day two, come back tomorrow for the final day and some more awesome edgy, unusual and alternative fashion brands.

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