My Goals for May

May 3, 2011


  • Get rid of as much of my possessions until I just have the necessary
  • Figure out and stick to a raw food diet for at least a week
  • No drinking alcohol
  • Work on my “About Me” page
  • Figure out better SEO for this site
  • Record more Youtube videos!
  • Yoga every day!!
  • Buy my friend’s surfboard and get back in the water!
  • Finish at least one of the many books I am reading!
  • Post at least two more interviews with unconventional people living life on their own terms
  • Post a book review
  • Post a challenge
  • Pay off one credit card (I have two!)

What would you like to accomplish this month?  Let us know in the comments and link to your goals post if you have one!

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  • 1. Get back to a vegan diet after traveling.
    2. Yoga every day!
    3. Practice five minutes of self-forgiveness and compassion each morning.

  • Ooh! I like the sounds of your number three! And I totally know what you mean about getting back to your regular diet after traveling, its really hard to eat healthy while traveling!