My Life In Instagram Pictures

April 24, 2012

I’ve been busy “gallivanting” these past few weeks and it doesn’t look like I’m stopping any time soon before I head off to South Africa, so this is what I’ve been up to recently…

I’ve been wearing some badass shoes… (Top shoes by Iron Fist from their ‘Manslayer’ range – I also have the thigh high boots and the calf length boots from this range!  Bottom shoes from Ash and unfortunately not very comfy to wear!)

And some badass costumes (red wig with lilac PVC worn to fetish Club Rub this weekend)

Having my feet massaged, A LOT, by eager foot loving men every weekend, FOR FREE.

Eating proper burgers at the coolest places, namely BYRON in Waterloo.  Not only are all the staff, cute, friendly and clued up on their sales techniques, but the venue is all rustic diner decor and OH MY GOD THE BURGERS!  Let me tell you, I have never had a more heavenly burger and I had the veggie version!  Delicious warm, oozing goats cheese on a plump, fresh Portobello mushroom with crisp baby spinach in the freshest, softest bun, oh my! I was in happy food heaven!

We even wrote them a love letter!

“There are times you see food and think, “I want that in, on and around my mouth”.  Your proper burgers do just that and truly satisfy.  Waterloo branch is best by far with great service, great rustic diner decor and good sales techniques by good looking staff”.


Our waitress told us all the staff were arguing about who we were referring to as good looking.  We didn’t tell them that they were ALL good looking, especially the cute Spanish looking chef de partie that caught my eye as I left with a wink!

Gawping at extremely expensive jewellery on New Bond Street, I hate to hazard a guess at how many houses/cars can be bought for the price of these jewels…

I adore big trees like this, they just beg to be climbed and remind me of a tree in my neighbour’s back yard when I was a kid that I used to fall asleep in.

I met kleinjinx for lunch last week while she was in London getting her wedding dress fitted.  We’ve been friends online for ages so it was awesome to finally meet her!

Marvelling at this silly “claim to fame“.  Stephen Fry was one of the first people to follow me years ago!  I know he follows like 52,000 people but still, he is like my 16th follower, so I think that counts as something! :p

On a whim, my friend and I bought the cheapest tickets to Zach Braff’s play All New People.  Our seats were a thinly padded bench at the very top of the theatre with no back rests, just a steel banister but we still enjoyed the play, it’s very funny and charming and a bit serious and existentialist in places and definitely worth catching before it ends at the end of April.

We also paid a visit to the Tate Modern (YAWN…!).  It’s weird that I come from an artistic family and love and appreciate art, but I just cant get the stuff at the Tate Modern…  I dont know if its conceptualist or contextualist, but Im looking at a piece of rock in a room and despite the indepth explanation of what it represents and its intention, I cant get over the fact its a rock in a room.  The only piece I liked was the big bathroom mirror that reflected us… Now THAT was a great picture! 😉

You can follow me on Instagram @TheDameIntl.  Do you love Instagram as much as I do?  I must admit I was not a fan until recently, and now, I love it, but I always try to remember, quality over quantity!  Art over substance! Just because you can tweet/snap a pic, doesnt mean we should hey? 😉 xo

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