New Music Rocking My World

December 19, 2011

The first album of the, in my opinion, the only worthwhile contestant to come out of the UK XFactor.  If you like Adele or Duffy, you will LOVE Rebecca Ferguson.  Her voice is so unique and the production on this album is excellent, not to mention the songwriting which she co-wrote.  I love every single song and that never happens to me.  I cant even pick a favourite.  There are toe tapping songs, sad songs and sing-a-long songs.  Impeccable is the word. On repeat is the action.


I am so happy that they made another album of her because I sure knew I would miss her music.  This album is fantastic and my sure favourite is the song featuring Naz, Like Smoke.  I also like the Reggae tinged song Our Day Will Come.  This album was on repeat until Rebecca’s album was released.




Loving this album! Much more raw than their previous albums, lots of sexy grinding guitars, perfect for stripping to!  If I were still dancing Id dance to Money Maker and Run Right Back, although my all time faves are Gold On The Ceiling and Lonely Boy. Love this album, best played at full volume with a bottle of jack wearing your boyfriend’s oversized t shirt and chain smoking roll-ups.




What new music is rocking your world right now?  What music do you think I would like? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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