Paint Your Future

May 1, 2011

Imagine your life as a canvas and as you walk forward into it, you paint the path in front of you, sort of like the yellow brick road.

And when, as you paint you feel good and are mindful and thankful for these things that make you feel good, the path you paint in front is beautiful and full of colour and growing all around you, but, when you become distracted by things that dont make you feel good and destructive behaviours, that paint on your canvas hardens and stops and solidifies into a brick wall.

When you feel like your life has hit a brick wall, thats when you need to realise that you stopped appreciating what you DO have, the things that make you feel good, you were too distracted to give thanks in those great moments for what you were experiencing.

Your life is a constant blank canvas.  Its up to you what you want to admire before you.

Clean off those mental cobwebs, get out those colourful paints and sequins and begin painting your future with gratitude!

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