Proud Cabaret, Camden

February 12, 2013

On Thursday night some of my closest friends and I went to a dinner and show at Proud Cabaret in Camden‘s Fifty Shades of Cabaret night for mine and my friend’s birthday party.  We are so glad we went because we had a fantastic night!

Beau Rocks Proud Cabaret Camden

proud cabaret camden review

We were seated a table away from the bar and stage in a perfect position to catch all the action and we were assigned a cute waiter in black leather harness and Jeffery Campbell studded Lita boots who was to be our “Master” for the evening.  We were suitably impressed that he held his own against a table of four dominants!  Once we were well into our first (of six) bottle of Prosecco we were served our pre-ordered starters.  I had a truffle and crushed nut soup which was slightly cold but I was far more interested in drinking and watching the show.  Starters were followed by our second course (we ordered the two course and show ticket which was £35 a head plus drinks).  I had the chicken on risotto and while the chicken was cooked to perfection, the risotto had the taste and consistency of porridge.

proud cabaret camden review

Beau Rocks Proud Cabaret Camden Beau Rocks Proud Cabaret Camden

By this point the first burlesque show had started, oir second bottle was on the table and the food became inconsequential to the night.  In fact, I would rather have eaten elsewhere and simply had drinks and watched the shows there instead.

proud cabaret camden review

Proud Cabaret Proud Cabaret CamdenBeau Rocks Proud Cabaret CamdenBeau Rocks Proud Cabaret Camden

Every show was fantastic!  I fell head over heels in love with Beau Rocks and Miss Betty Darling (Winner of Best UK at London Burlesque Festival and Best International In New York) who both gave outstanding burlesque shows, I must’ve had big shining red hearts for eyes throughout each of their shows!  I have a very serious crush on Beau Rocks.  I have never been so delighted, awe inspired and turned on by a burlesque performer in my life!  The infamous Kiki Kaboom also did an outstanding performance and had us screaming in delight!  I have known about her online for a while so I was very pleased that I got to see her perform that night.  I may or may not have drunkenly slobbered on her while thanking her for her performance because she gave me a funny look before I wobbled off to the toilets!

proud cabaret camden reviewBeau Rocks Proud Cabaret Camden

There was also a lady who did some incredible fire breathing tricks that I have never seen before.

Beau Rocks Proud Cabaret Camden

The compère was hilariously funny and had on a shirt with pearl, chain and diamond embellished sleeves that I wanted for myself.  It soon transpired that our table were all professionals in the business of kink to various degrees and we were later graced with the company of the owner of Proud Cabaret who bought us another bottle of Prosecco and a round of shots.

proud cabaret camden review

What followed was a night of kinky debauchery and drunkenness where I must have fell out of my shoes at least three times and I barely remember getting home! I am so glad I had my friend Mario with me to hold onto as high heels are not made for walking over the cobble stones at Camden Stables Market where Proud Cabaret is situated.

proud cabaret camden review

We had a wicked awesome night out.  I highly recommend going to Proud Cabaret, I know their City branch has a different variety of nights on so check them out also for something more your taste.

Beau Rocks Proud Cabaret Camden

Unfortunately most of our photographs were taken on iPhones so here is the club’s gallery for Fifty Shades of Cabaret.

Here’s the first 3mins of Miss Betty Darling’s opening show.

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