Review: Things And Ink A New Magazine Embracing Female Tattoo Culture

December 14, 2012

When I attended the London Tattoo Convention a few months ago I came across a stall advertising a new tattoo magazine to be published that would be focused on female tattoo culture.  Obviously I was immediately on board with this idea as I am with almost anything that focuses on women by women.

Having experienced other awesome tattoo magazines while living in Australia such as Deadbeat and Inked, I was really hoping this new magazine would stand up to the same standard of quality because they stand apart from all the other tattoo magazines in that they cover tattoo culture as a whole.

Well, I am happy to say, I wasn’t disappointed!  The magazine is a great size, made with quality paper and I love the signature font that they’ve chosen, something I haven’t seen before but is totally befitting the style of the magazine.  Things and Ink is a quarterly published magazine and priced at such at £10.  I bought it easily online and it arrived the next day after ordering which was a nice surprise!

Claudia Sabe, an incredible tattoo artist in her own right, graces the cover in a stunning emerald green velvet dress as an homage to Artoria Gibbons who was a heavily tattooed woman in the 1920’s, something that just was not seen or done back then.

And that’s what I loved about the magazine, it not only covered fashion and beauty and the current tattoo scene for women, but our history too.  There are the usual features of amazing artists and interviews with interesting people but there are some great stories about regular people who get tattooed and hold down important jobs or who changed their whole idea of tattoos by getting them, going from seeing them as only something for delinquents to enjoying the beauty of quality art on their own skin.

Things and Ink is exactly what a women’s magazine needs to be; inclusive, entertaining and educating.  I hope I get to write for them one day.

I think it fits in nicely on my dresser between the pinup heels and nipple pasties, don’t you?

You can find a list of stockists or purchase it directly online here.

This is not a sponsored post, I offered to feature the new magazine because I believe in it.

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