Sit Down And Be Quiet

December 5, 2012


A lot of people go on about how meditation is life changing and all you have to do is empty your mind.  You know, stop thinking.

Ha! Easier said than done! If you are like me, your mind is going a mile a second and sometimes doesn’t even finish the first thought before it’s onto the next one!

Well, I’ve tried my hand at meditation, tried to empty my mind and all I could do was wonder, “am I meditating yet?”.  People describe meditating as a complete lack of thoughts, like you simple log-out of reality and experience peace and connection with your higher self.

Ok, I’m not quite there yet, but I think I’ve figured out why. I never give myself time to think! I spend so much time online, looking at endless pictures on Tumblr, and watching TV episodes and writing and reading and researching and being sucked down the rabbit hole that is DeviantArt, etc, etc, etc that I actually don’t get much quality-time-thinking done.

This can actually be quite detrimental, this constant “busyness”.

A couple days ago, I woke up and thought to myself, “today I feel like staying in bed and just thinking”.  No checking emails and Instagram on my phone, no playing Sims and The Simpsons on my ipad, no 10 hours straight on Tumblr.  Just me, myself and my mind.

Well, it wasn’t meditating but it sure did me a world of good because it wasn’t long before I had my notebook open and was filling up pages fast!  My thoughts came rushing out like I’d been holding my breath too long and I finally had time to sort the mess out and make sense of it all and get some clarity.  What a relief!

Empty mind meditation might be a long way off for me, but it’s probably because I have a backlog of stuff that needs to be ‘thunk’ and eventually, just maybe, I will be able to experience the nirvana that is a quiet mind.

We don’t need to meditate every day, but we do need to give ourselves time to just sit quietly and let our thoughts flow and to observe them and to write down the ones we want to remember and let go of the thoughts that don’t serve us.

If you feel like you can’t make the time to sit quietly, if not daily, then at least a couple times a week, why not swap your shower for a bath.  I get so much thinking done now that I bath instead of shower (our shower is useless).  And being in water is something next to transformational, ask any surfer and remember the last time you swam in the ocean? You came out feeling like you’d been renewed!

Make time to let your thoughts flow and go.  Don’t reach for your phone the moment you peek open your eyes, don’t head straight for your laptop with your morning coffee, sit a while, look out the window, walk barefoot in the grass, give yourself time before you add on all the busy.

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  • Korhomme December 5, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    Many years ago, as students at the Open Uni, we were invited to try meditation. My effort went like this;

    It was suggested that we meditate and seek out a guru high in the mountains.

    So I settled down in a comfy chair, lights dimmed, closed my eyes and imagined. I saw myself travelling through jungles, and eventually getting above the tree line. Far away, on the horizon I could see the guru, the one who would teach me about the meaning of life.

    I clambered up the steep mountains, and across to the col where the guru was sitting, cross legged. As I approached him, I saw an elderly man, wrapped in a cloak. He turned as I approached, and I saw his weather-beaten face and long grey beard; clearly he was the fount of all wisdom.

    The guru looked me up and down, and then spoke:

    “Fuck off,” said the guru.

    I’ve never tried meditation again.

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