Six60 and the Science Museum

May 24, 2013

On Wednesday I went to London to see awesome Kiwi band Six60 in concert at The Forum with my friend Hollie but before that we spent the day at the London Science Museum. I didn’t take my big DSLR camera so please excuse the grainy iPhone shots!


Beautiful big airplane, I’m not sure I would like to actually fly in it though!

IMG_7766 IMG_7768

So awesome to see these old cars up close, I really wanted to get inside it, would love to know what it feels like to ride in one of the first ever cars made!


How cool is this trike!


Awesome looking dentist stand from way back when!

IMG_7773 IMG_7774

I would totally love to own one of these cute little cars!


I wish they still made Vespa’s in this style.


i was absolutely fascinated with this globe that seemed to be suspended in mid air with the planet projected onto it. I learned some great info about our beautiful planet from the presentations on it. However, I would never like to be off this planet. It gives me anxiety watching space programs where they are looking back at the earth, I totally would have a panic attack if I were to suddenly find myself in space!

IMG_7761 IMG_7762

There were so many interactive things to play with at the Science Museum these pics are my favourites from a section that gave you details on each picture. Aren’t they just so beautiful?



My picture that would eventually become drawn in sand by a robot arm! I love that I seem to look like a little kid in this one and not my age of 34! *score!*

IMG_7781 IMG_7782

Tada! Strangely this looks a lot like my passport photo in which I have short hair.


Hollie spying on a baker in Carolina or somewhere. After hours playing in the Science Museum, we headed off to enjoy Six60!


Totally didnt mean to cut off half our faces but it came out as a cool photo don’t you think?


We were right at the front!

IMG_7799 IMG_7806

Oh look! Somehow my iPhone decided to take a clearer picture… (think it’s time to get a new one!)

IMG_7809 IMG_7816 IMG_7819 IMG_7830

Six60 asked everyone in the audience to turn on their phone’s lights and shine them because it looked awesome!

IMG_7832 IMG_7835

Six60 gave it their all and seemed genuinely blown away by the crowd that came to see them, really awesome band that went absolutely wild on stage, loved it!

IMG_7838 IMG_7848

And to top off the night, after dodging a flying drum stick, I managed to grab it in the scramble for it at my feet! *double score!*

Here’s a video of some of my favourite songs of theirs that I filmed at the concert

Tomorrow I am off to The Great British Tattoo Show so if you’re in London, look out for Me, I’ll be around with My camera and probably wearing My DAME necklace and a Rik Lee Illustration tshirt 🙂

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